Sakura Hard trials help

Can anyone give me some tips on how to perform the very first move? Its driving me nuts…

Im talking about:

j.hp,, c.lp,, light srk, medium srk

No matte rhow many times I have tried…I cant follow up the c.lp with a :S

Timing :slight_smile: If the c.MP isn’t coming out you’re pressing the button too soon, if it’s being blocked you’re pressing it too late.

The c.LP > c.MP is a link, which means that you have to let the c.LP animation finish before doing a c.MP, and obviously need to get that c.MP in before the hit-stun from the c.LP runs out.

We do have a trials thread but guess it’s not stickied and no longer seems to be on page one…

Edit: Nope is on first page would probably help if it was stickied though

I think I have finally hurt my hand from so much trying to do this x.x

Yeah just practice the, c.lp, until you get it that’s what I did. Now its easy.

Its like speaking a new language, break it to bits and pieces and then put it all together.

I been trying to…but its just to damn hard. I cant pull it at will at all.
Why the hell is the timing so extremely strict! its just 3 damn buttons -_-

Because it’s a link :stuck_out_tongue:

Try timing it so the time between all the attacks are the same, 1(c.LK)-2(c.LP)-3(c.MP) with about half a second in between each button press.

this was a little hard for me until I used the shoryu shortcut. after jumping in just hold df until the hits then wiggle df->d->df and lp

Ok IM tired its been like 3 days and I still cant link that fcking c.lp to

lol, yea I was stuck for MONTHS on the 1st hard trial. Just don’t give up, keep at it. Eventually you’ll get it. The rest didn’t seem nearly as hard once I’d gotten over that first hurdle.

Im stuck in the 4th hard trial, any tips for the c. Light kick into standing Strong punch? :frowning:

use the power of plinking to double your odds of hitting that 1 frame link

I went a step further and mapped all 3 punch buttons as HP, then rolled my fingers across for like 5-6 inputs at once

Hard #3 any tips to get the lk to connect into Shou?

F+LK DF F+P (can’t remember which strength).

What’s the whole trial?

Ok, i’m also having trouble on the first trial:

j.hp,, c.lp,, light srk, medium srk

but i’m having trouble linking the to the light srk. same whenever i try to do to srk in training mode. what should i be doing with my joystick when trying to do the combo?

:df:+:mp:, :d:, :df:+:lp:

Substitute :mk: for :mp: and any :p: for :lp: as appropriate.

^— what he said!

Gotta buffer the SRK motion by doing your normals with DF held instead of D.

Also, for links, as said before, make the lights links instead of chains. So, if the combo were, lp, lp, mk, don’t double tap lp quickily, then expect to time the mk. It’s better to do a “1,2,3” instead.

Plinking made my life easy too. Check that thread on the main page, it’s godly.