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Alright, I’ve been on this forum and I just need help with footsies and a couple of matchups against Honda, Guile, Ryu, DeeJay, & Ibuki? Anything Will help, Thanks.


Honda and Guile are personal problems of mine…
For Dee Jay you gotta abuse that he has rubbish wake up options (except EX up kicks which don’t even hit most of the time if you’re crouching) and Ibuki the same except with her its a different EX similar to a DP but its easy to beat and cross over so pretty garbage also…
Just browse the main Sakura threads and you’ll findPLENTY of REALLY useful information.
Trust me.
Especially the videos help…
Even if the videos in this forum don’t help you can always type in ‘good Sakura user’s name character’ in YouTube…
For example when I was having trouble with Akuma’s I typed in ‘Uryo Akuma’ in Youtube and it showed me matches with Uryo againt Tokido and others…
You can also go to Ov3rHeadGr3g’s, xblackvegetax, YogaFlame24 or even 0ShinAkuma0’s Youtube channels and browse the Uryo/Juso/Danhiru/Hornett videos for matchup knowledge.
Danhiru I’d say has the most footsie based game out of the 4 names, much more patient playstyle, Uryo is aggressive but also very smart IMO the best Sakura in the world, Juso is a mix, Hornett… DOSE MIXUPS!


I’ve already checked it out and it’s not that much of help because Idk what’s going on. I’d rather have someone tell me what’s up instead of figuring out myself


^ that kind of comment won’t get you anywhere. Nobody who is good at street fighter got that way simply because someone told them how to be. There’s nothing wrong with getting advice and learning from others, but it’s not going to help at all if you’re not willing to put in the work and figure out how to apply what others tell you on your own.

As far as matchup specific advice, as was said above, there’s tons of valuable information in the matchup thread and in the video threads. As far as footsies go, if you browse through the stickies, there are plenty of informative posts (several lengthy ones from myself) floating around.

Please don’t expect to be spoon fed information from people who took the time to learn the game for themselves…

And also, posts like this should be made in the matchup thread. No need to make a new thread when there is alreay an active one serving the same purpose.

Sorry if I sound short or unwelcoming or whatever, but if you want to get better you can’t expect others to simply tell you what you need to do… It’s a complex game and there’s no one magic trick to winning.


Perhaps a less snarky and more helpful way to put it:

If you want advice from people, you’ll have much better luck with asking specific questions. Like I said, you can’t expect people to spoon feed you information… But most people on these forums will be willing to help you if you don’t come off as sounding like:

A better way to get help with a certain matchup would be to first explain what aspects of the matchup you’re having trouble with.
Ex. I have a really hard time getting in against guile, can anyone give me advice on how to mount an offense and not just get zoned out the entire match?


Ex. I have a really hard time blocking Ibuki’s vortex, can anyone give me advice on getting better at blocking kunais and her other crossups/fake crossups?

These are questions someone will be able to help you with (they should still be posted in the matchup thread though…) People can’t help you improve your game if you don’t explain what you’re having trouble with, and people won’t try to help you if you don’t have any interesting on improving on your own (advice can help, but in the end the only improving that’s going to happen will have to be your own doing.)


Righto, I’ll just do wee quick summaries.

Zone, you need to zone this bastard. This is not a good match for Sakura at all, you want to chuck plasma at him and shouken his jump attempts, if you want to take it upclose, you gotta know when to jump back to bait ex headbutt and punish, if he does random buttslams (non reversal), you can focus them or backdash and whiff punish. You just gotta be on point with zoning in this match, be careful of his st.hp as it tends to beat Sakura’s and, the optimal range you want to be in is just outside of where his will hit so you can easily react with shouken and within Sakura’s range so Honda can’t whiff punish with st.hp. For this matchup, I’d recommend using U1, get that damage and back off to zoning. Be careful of his ochios, gotta read your opponent’s patterns for this. Sakura can punish mp/hp headbutt with hp shouken fadc cl.hp, I wouldn’t try punishing it with raw hp shouken as it tends to whiff leaving you open to punish, ex headbutt is punishable in the corner ONLY with xx hp shouken.

I’ll be honest, I would recommend using another character in this matchup as I think Guile/Sakura is borderline 7-3 to Guile. Obviously your goal is to get in and mess up Guile and corner him, you gotta know when’s the right time to jump and cover the gap and when to focus, be careful of focusing booms within Guile’s st.hp/backfist range as he can recover and smack you up in your dash. I haven’t tested a lot of stuff vs Guile because I usually use Rose in this matchup so correct me if I’m wrong. I believe Sakura’s can beat Guile’s st.hp and backfist. It’s VITAL that you don’t let Guile escape the corner, don’t go for a crossup unless it’s going to kill and you know it’s gonna hit, stay in the range where you can cr.hp/cl.hp AA him if he tries to jump out, really important you don’t let him go or you’re gonna have to run the gauntlet again. You can play a bitta fireball war with him and make him move back into the corner, you should be the one forcing him to the corner, don’t give up your ground. Guile has low stun (900 iirc?) so it won’t take many openings to stun him. You can also focus the 2nd hit of his sweep, I believe you can U1 between the gap as well. For this matchup, I personally use U2 because I think keeping the momentum afterwards is vital vs Guile, whereas U1 loses the momentum that is vitally important in this matchup for Sakura.

I’ll do the rest tomorrow, it’s like 6am now lol. Apologies if the writeups are too vague, if you have any questions on those chars, don’t hestitate to ask.

EDIT : Yeah what Deebs said, use the matchup thread in future, just keeping the forums clean.


I get what you guys are saying but I feel like any of those threads is going to help me at all. Trust me, I’ve checked out combos, Matchups, Videos, Option-Select, Ect. and I still feel like I’m not getting any better. Yeah, I know that you don’t get better just from a day but now I feel like people have a much better advantage just because I play online. It sucks but I also feel like I’m not playing Sakura the right way that I should either. I play Xbox and I’m originally from Ohio but now I’m live in South Dakota. We have a little local Tournament that my twin and I have been recently going to. It’s been a long time since I played anyone really good since my twin offline and it’s no easy at all. I’m more of a vision learner than a reader also so a Video tutor would be awesome. I don’t see that alot in Shoryuken either since the new Sakura came out a year ago. I’m still use to her on the original SF, so it’s more worse than anyone expect. :frowning: If anyone do wanna check out how I play tho, I would greatly play you. Doctor Rouse is the gamertag.


Awesome thread, old but most of the people on there still play Sakura and I posted on it and got a few adds so definitely worth a shot :slight_smile:

You could try adding me but I’m from the UK so American connections are random for me… most of them seem fine though…
I’ll tell you one this you can’t do against (decent) Guile and I have been one of the worst persons that would ALWAYS do this then whine why I lost.
Don’t jump. Don’t ever jump. Sounds difficult I know and it IS difficult because I know that sometimes I’ll hit j HP and it’ll beat random flash kicks and so I kept doing it but then I started playing good Guile’s and they would use every anti air normal to slap me out of the air and then I’d go back to fireball war for 5 second, get impatient go back to trying to get in, lose and get frustrated and call them cheap when in fact its my own fault…
Admittedly I still suck at this matchup but much better than when I kept jumping in…
What I do is neutral jump at just before range of flash kick and this warns him that I can jump in at any time so they tend to stop sonic booming/flash kicking and I’ll do mk buffer into hp shuoken just in front of them so if they do react or walk forward that’ll hit em, also do random flower kicks and dash up grab to keep them on their feet and once you get the knockdown safe jump him or if he tends to block then try empty jumping then do crouch lk, lp, hp, shuoken/EX tatsu or any combo but do it fast and some people fall for that quite a lot… i also tend to do the “I’m going to cross up you lolololol” then just hit them from the front with jump hp…
Gimmicks rather than tactics really but I don’t really see any other way to win against Guile… most of the time though, and it saddens me to say this I switch to Evil Ryu against Guile…
Do the most basic shit and have an amazingly easier time and win most of the time…