Sakura is useless

Really probably the most unnecessary character in SFIV. Shes always a bad character with no real easy matchups aside from maybe Dan (whos still a hard matchup in his own right), and the only reason Capcom put her in the game is obviously for the sex appeal, hence why her clothing is always showing off so much skin. I mean, I am correct right?

Is this a really bad troll?

I’m dead serious. Theres only one player truly representing Sakura as a outstanding player, thats Uryo. Notice how the majority of Sakura players are terrible, much like the majority of Noel players in Blazblue are terrible. So it makes you wonder. Whats the real reason these people pick these characters?

I think OP had several typos- one, he should’ve replaced “SFIV” with “Soul Calibur” and “Sakura” with “just about every female on there with a disproportionate boob-to-head size ratio”.

in all seriousness though, people play characters because they think they’re good. people are sleeping on sakura because they probably prefer to play higher tier characters like yun, yang, fei, etc.


I admit, in Super, Sakura did not have much going for her in terms of matchups, she was outmatched by a lot of the cast and was considered bottom tier.

But in AE, a lot of her bad matchups have been nerfed (Although her worst matchups are tournament popular characters which is why we don’t see much Sakuras in high level tournaments). Sakura is about mid-tier now in AE in my opinion. She’s a pretty strong character but is easily kept out by zoning characters, easily pressured by rushdown characters, but once she gets an opening, she can ram like a truck.

You just have to work a lot with her to get openings and get as much damage as you can with her tight links

The reason Capcom put her in the game is because she’s a popular character from previous games. She’s really good in CvS2 and a lot of people played as her. The fact the she has sexual appeal is nothing new, 95% of female characters in just about every fighting game has sex appeal. People can choose to play as whoever they want, it doesn’t affect you in any way.

So a character with some of the highest damage output in the game is useless? Allrighty then.

Sakura does not do high damage, she receives high damage.

Joke thread confirmed.

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This thread is useless

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seems OP should go back to GameFAQs for board trolling 101*

I’m a fairly new member around here voicing my opinion on this particular fanservice excuse of a character, so why so much negativity?

Well it’s just the fact that you came in here and basically said Sakura is useless without having much knowledge of her.

okay i’ll bite. Sakura is a good character, she can easily do 400 damage meterless, can link easily into both of her ultras and the main thing is fun to use. I don’t play her because she shows skin, i play her because it is enjoyable. We don’t go round spouting off about how Dan is useless he’s just a joke character with shitty matchups.

tl;dr learn what you’re on about before you voice such strong opinions

Maybe I was wrong, but why does a character underage need to show so much absurd flesh that borders on nudity.

She’s not even that bad compared to the other females like Cammy and Juri.

well iirc she’s 16 which isn’t underage and the japanese audience like a panty shot every now and then.

No you’re not correct. Your reasons for her being bad is that she has sex appeal and bad matchups? FYI every character has bad matchups, it’s what happens when there’s such a diverse variety of fighting styles in a game. Her damage is mean, good air to air normals and she has a lot of options after landing an EX shunpukyaku.

People don’t use her because she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Similar to Makoto it’s more about mind games and making your opponent guess wrong to beat them. Only gripe I have with Sakura is she can get lamed out pretty easy.

This is funny because I find Dan a bad matchup.