Sakura KOs Pullum- EX3


If this loads, dopey schoolgirl KOs much cuter princess.


Good pic man. The puching movement is a little stiff though. Sakura should have more swing flow with torso twisting unless she’s just throwing a quick jab. Overall good pic.


I haven’t drawn any girls in a while. Good to do that every so often. :slight_smile:


heh, cute :slight_smile:
the way Pullum is drawn & coloured really reminds me of the old cartoons of the '80s.


Here’s some projects I’ve worked on in the past.


1999-2001: Wild Brain, Inc.- San Francisco, CA

Animation director- Two short films for Cartoon
Pillowman, and The Perfect Pet.

Assistant animator and model sheet cleanup artist-
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle feature film.

Storyboard revisionist, and model sheet and background cleanup artist-Poochini TV series (airing in Germany).

Assistant animator- Advertisements for: Nike, Sony Music, Coke,
The Wall Street Journal, Reeses Sticks, Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Willy Wonka Candy, Wrigleys Chewing Gum, Kid Cuisine,
Diva Starz, Ritz Crackers, and Waste Management.

Animator and cleanup artist- Cartoon short film-
Meal of Two Cities and Wild series Kozacs Inferno.

Assistant animator and cleanup artist- Jar Jars Journey CD ROM.

1999: Mondo Media- San Francisco, CA
Assistant animator- King of the Hill CD ROM.

1996-1997: Six Foot Two Productions- Larkspur, CA

Animator- Stuart Anderson and Exxon ads.

Layout artist- Rocketts Tricky Decision CD ROM.

Animator- Learning With Jules And Gusto CD ROM.


1992-1996: San Francisco State University (B.A.- Art)

I’ve been searching for work in an animation studio for over a year and a half, but will remain patient.

I’ve had a few freelance jobs, but really miss drawing with other people all day. No other work tops it…:frowning:


wow those places really hired you? you must have friends at those studios. man no wonder wild brain is going under.


Well 2-D animation is in bad shape everywhere.

Executives are on the 3-D bandwagon.

The days of working 25 years at a company are history.

It just takes a lot of work to start a small business (as my friends at holywoodmedia can attest to).


yeah i hear you man… all i’ve been doing recently is doing 2d concept work for 3d stuff. i love 2d thats why i play street fighter. i think eventually 2d will be back but not in a long time but hold out bro.