Sakura pin up(PG rated!)

Longtime love since the mid-90s!

I drew the face and it was looking pretty good then i spent like 2 weeks getting a positioning.

Sorry about the pic its cellphone pic it’s still to early and I do not want to pull it out of my sketch book yet for the scanner.

any idea? how to finish it up? sexier? cuter? drop the sailor oufit?

slight update 2 trying not to self bump too much.

The body is fine, I think the main thing is the face, and not that its bad or anything, just that the resemblance to standard Sakura art seems a little off. I like it, just work on the face. Though to be honest, I’d start over, now that you got the basic concept down. Also work a little on the chest area, everything else is pretty good. Good luck :slight_smile:

It’s pin up, its suppose to look more “realistic” than the standard anime style. I wanted it to be cartoony since i would simply just be drawing a cute teenage Japanese girl if i went total realism, which is redundant. Even bishoujo style is very anime like if you would consider that the Japanese style of pin up. I should by some tracing paper instead of erasing. It’s a habit i got into trying to breakaway from architecture instead of art.