Sakura Player Looking For a Skilled Chun



My friend uses Chun-Li, and this matchup gives me the biggest fit for whatever reason. I’m constantly hit by her overhead flip kick.

Hit me up on XBL: ShogunFlow


Ouch, if the hasan shu is your biggest problem, just wait till you figure out that chun li can keep you out like a mofo.


Oh I’ve already figured that out.


Just keep doing FAs just outside of sweep range. If he HS’s, hold 'til FA2 and crumple. If he doesn’t FA, backdash and repeat. After a couple of crumples, he will not be doing HS’s anymore. Plus, Saks FA is one of the best in the game. Should be easy.


I’ll put these things to test.

So nobody wants to add me and fight my Sakura? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Chun players don’t like to be helpful.


Not if you say stuff like that they won’t be :rolleyes:



Pfft. Is that the word on the street at the Sakura boards?

This section happens to have some of the most dedicated, resourceful players. If people haven’t added you – it’s probably because they have other obligations. Just be patient man, (much like you should endeavor to do with your character, in-game). Eventually, interested players will consider your request and send you invites. You’re not going to get much support making general statements like that.

Edit:** MariaCroft**, LOL… you took the words right out of my mouth – I was trying to put it politely. :slight_smile:


Wow! The equivalent to what just happened:

Hobo: Got any change?
Me: Sure, here’s a buck.
Hobo: Got any more?

Nobody wants to help out a jackass.



My bad dudes, I didn’t mean to sound like that. I saw another thread in these very Chun Li forums where a Chunner complained about other characters coming onto this board, asking for help on how to beat their character.

I know that most of everyone on SRK is helpful. I was just making a general statement off of what I saw on this forum. It’s all good though.


if you were on psn you would have been already added.


You can always just look around here and send invites yourself if you see players with an XBOX gamertag. But I think our connection would be bad anyway.


I added you before. I usually come online like 1378461928361897+ times a day at regular intervals. If I see you online I’ll add you.


I played against someone from these boards whose XBL is xx techhit xx. They gave me some good matches, but we only got to play 4 rounds. He won the first 2 and I won the last 2.

Anybody else wanna spar?


As it’s already been said before – players will reach out to you** IF they are interested in sparring**. Don’t make yourself out to sound like that hobo example OHT referenced. LOL.

Asking over and over is going to make you less appealing. Just saying…

Patience sir. Patience.


All these characters thread crap needs to go in the online forums, not character forums. Chances are, good players don’t wanna play online randoms. So play with other online randoms.

Same for the Chun randoms in other forums ‘asking for change’ :rofl: :rofl: OHT is GDLK


You can add me, but Im usually on late at night.


If your friend destroys you then pick their brains and learn the matchup from them. I’d add you myself but the connection wouldn’t be so good.


you can add me on PSN: mpham94. im not sure if im good enough for you, or even good at all. haha.