Sakura players of SRK

I am sure this thread has already been made, but I am curious to know who still plays Sakura. :slight_smile:

Besides, I would love to get some Sakura mirror matches in order to learn how to play her and I am sure others do too.

Please post…
Gamertag: Darkninjagurl
Console: xbl

I will update and edit this shit later, haha.

~Sakura Players~
1.Gamertag: chemdeezy418
Console: xbl

  1. Gamertag: Colonel Lore
    Console: 360

  2. Gamertag: Shytzoo
    Console: ps3

4.Gamertag: SquaLLio

  1. Gamertag: Sugami
    Console: 360

  2. Gamertag: Joetime90
    Console: xbox

  3. Gamertag: Fefe41
    Console: Ps3

Console xbl

  1. GT: buseys teeth
    Console: 360

  2. GT: BOX: Colonel Lore
    PS3 Gamertag: Mr_Flowers_-
    Console: Both

  3. GT: PS3: Daman2312
    360: Daman1009
    Console: Both

  4. GT: Xero-15
    Console: PS3

  5. GT: Saito_S
    Console: Ps3

  6. GT:yes06kin
    Console: XBL

  7. Gamer Tag: GrindingOgre
    Console: 360

  8. GT: General Vivi
    Console: Xbl

  9. GT: Lelouch OTR
    Console: xbl

  10. GT:godofgambler
    Console: Ps3

  11. gamertag: Skibmeister
    console: 360

  12. GT:Gawaran
    Console PC/xbl

  13. GT: reime0w
    Console: PC

  14. GT:gomi808
    Console 360

  15. GT Neoz00m
    PC: GFWL

24.PSN: k-sasori
Console: Ps3

  1. GT:Murasame Moyasu
    Console: 360

  2. Gamertag: denice1776
    Console: xbox

  3. Gamertag: Blue1315
    Console: 360

  4. Mikerrrrr
    Console: PC

  5. Gamertag: devil dee
    Console: 360

  6. Gamertag: Kay0ss33
    Console: 360

  7. Gamertag: Ryuunosuke 808
    Console: 360

32, GT: Fieasco
Console: PC/360

  1. GT: PK kros
    PSN: Krost
    Console: 360/ps3

Been playing her since console launch. I don’t know how to use anyone else. Haha

Gamertag: chemdeezy418
Console: xbl

check this thread, lots of people posted their gamertags/psn and you should join the sakura group :smiley:

Awesome, I joined. :slight_smile:

I made a new one, so I could see who still plays!

Hey you have a cool name so add me on xbox.

been playing sakura since launch… took a break from sf4 altogether to work on blazblue… but im back

PSN: shytzoo

Gonna have beat on you when I get home Shy!

PS. At least let me get in one random hit please. Thanks

I sent all the 360’s players FL invites, since I can do it from the internets. I will do the PS3 ones when I get home.

Sakura isn’t my main, Dan will have that spot forever. However she is the only other character I play. So if you want to fight a pretty bad Sakura or an ok Dan I am always up for a fight.

I still play Sakura quite a bit, but I’m not 100% sure if I’m gonna main her anymore. She’s just too fun.


Quite a few Sakura players play Dan as well (or visa versa), Joe-oh-Ken and myself both do :slight_smile:

Anyways~ I’m only on 360 and generally if you don’t live in the UK or Europe the lag will be enough to ruin the game :frowning:

My gamertag is the same as my screenname.

I was actually intending to main Dan but when unlocking him I enjoyed using Sakura too much.

I’m still playing Sak, though Dan is creeping his way up to my main.

I’m on XBL and my name is Joetime90, add me for “just for fun” matches.

If I suck, blame it on my d-pad. I’m still using the controller.

Add me if you like someone who fools around alot. =D

PSN: Fefe41

Finally updated.

Console xbl

xbox live: buseys teeth

Hey Sakura outfit 9 girl! I have sf4 on PS3 too. put my PSN up there please.

I sent invites to Sug, Luna and the Ninja on 360. I keep wanting to add Blue on PS3 but since he is Chun mode atm, I dont want to get prison raped.

Oh yeah, add me to the list.

PS3: Daman2312
360: Daman1009

Hey, Darkninjagurl:

Gamertag: ZeroSumDev
Console: PC