Sakura resets?

Hello fellow Sakura fans.

I’m trying to improve my game with my favorite character, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about her reset potential.

Now, I’m not too sure about what I’m supposed to do with that. I know that a jumping low kick or punch on a flying opponent “resets the combo” and makes him fall straight down in front of me.

But… what do I do afterward? A buddy of me told me it’s time to dish the mixups in this situation, but I’m a bit at a loss as to how I should proceed from there.

Usually, I just end up getting a good shoruken smack in the face regardless of if I’m in front or behind the opponent. :frowning:

Help a brother out?

(edit : note to self : Always proofread that shit.)

One example is

c.hp xx ex tatsu,, dash

– depending on when you hit them with, you will dash under them or stay on the side you’re at. so…

c.hp xx ex tatsu, earlyish, dash under, c.lp, c.hp xx ex tatsu, dp+k is almost 900 stun

Depending on the character’s shoryu/reversal, it can be baited by reset into jump… like I’ve seen gief’s lariat SPD baited by dash under neutral jump hk, I’ve baited shoryus with stand jab reset into crossup. You just gotta mess around with them and get a feel for what you can do against certain characters and maybe players. If you can tell your opponent is trigger happy with reversals then reset into block is always an option. Even just getting them to burn their meter on a shoryu fadc can be a good thing.

j:HK reset is not always a good idea if your opponent are shoryukens.

The idea is to land an ex,Shunpukyaku, jump at your opponent while he’s still in the air, hit him with a lk/lp and before you land, dash forwards to land behind him. This way he has to guess which side to block (or mash). There are some different reset options but that’s covered in other threads here.

this i what u want:


and this:



walk up, jab, dash under is my favorite… always seems to work the best midscreen. I save j.hp/hk for in the corner where you can sometimes squeeze under them and still get the bigger damage.

Against characters with fucked up hitboxes(akuma & blanka mostly, some others…), I have to remember to start my 2nd combo with s.hp xx lk shunpu… since going from can lead to whiffing hits on the ex shunpu… On others, like balrog and cammy, you gotta start with cuz it stuffs their reversals (headbutt and cannon spike)… For Gouken, I like to start right off with the lk shunpu for armor breaking in case he tries to counter… long story short, knowing what the opponent can/can’t do is important for knowing how to proceed.

Sneaking in an overhead is always fun, once you condition them to blocking low. If you get lucky and counterhit, you can even combo into ex shunpu anyway.

my personal favorite when not in corner is j lk. if u space it right sakura will be looking one way then she will turn around and then at the last second she will turn around again. your opponent wont know wtf to do. in the corner if your spacing is right i like to do walk up st hp and walk under, the great thing about this one is that u can walk under and if u let go of forward at a certain time she actually pops back out of the corner, back to the other side.

Obviously there are many ways to reset your opponent. The important thing, though, is to learn as many differents as possible and still be unpredictable with it. The more resets you know, the higher your chance is of fooling your opponent.


I need to study hard.
People keep telling me to give up on her and pick Cammy (a character I hate using but somehow have a much easier time winning with, even though I’ve been using Sakura non-stop since last march)
I wanna prove them wrong and bring my game up to the next level with our favorite schoolgirl.

I don’t know about that. I mean, all good resets are 50/50 so no matter which one you choose you’re opponent is still (hopefully) choosing which way to block. Once they start thinking about reversals and shit then things get worse for us :frowning:

well sometimes you also have to stop mixup, to bait. buffered inputs.

The minute you have to start thinking about defense in her mix-ups is the moment they stop being so dangerous IMO :frowning:

No I get what he means like combo, reset, combo, reset, stop to bait a DP, continue mixup

Yeah and that’s turned a 50/50 into a 33/33/33 where one of the options includes you losing all momentum if they don’t do what you want whereas they still have a 50/50 essentially (DP/don’t DP) and DP FADC is 100% win for them :frowning:

Well got damn. Maybe a slightly delayed throw?

if u always mixup then the game as become a 0/100 people can just reversal you all day, thats not a mixup.
u gotta stop and block sometimes

Yeah I appreciate that but that’s what I don’t like about it, we shouldn’t have to worry about reversals stuffing both directions and since they do it makes the mix-up less dangerous :frowning:

So here’s an example: 1st time you do a cross-under and are successful, the guy wasn’t ready for it but know he knows that’s how you like to play.
2nd time you decide to fake cross-under but doesn’t matter the guy throws out a DP regardless and you’ve lost momentum and damage and taken some damage in the process.
3rd time you’re expecting a DP and dash under then block, guy anticipates you trying to bait and just sits and blocks too, now you’ve lost damage and momentum again.
That’s it, the game ends with only 3 EX Shunpuus landing regardless of who won or not. You won 1/3 of those and are not so happy about it :frowning:

I guess you can use j.HK to try and bait out those reversals, then there’s not as much of loss.

Point is we’re having to guess twice essentially, whether they’re going to reversal and which way they’ll block whereas they just need to guess once, reversal or not. Doesn’t seem like it’s all that much in our favour :frowning:

your right its not really in our favor. the thing is u gotta bait them to do something, say u attack the first two times and they block or get hit, the third time they might think to themselves hey this guy keeps attacking im gonna reversal. then u gotta block or back dash so they whiff the reversal. but then again u are assuming they are going to reversal lol. its hard to bait idiots sometimes

Heh well luckily our reset works quite well against idiots I think, the s.LP reset in particular as it gives them little time to think, I bet some just think it’s unblockable :rofl:

lol yeah against the idiots u dont have to worry either the reversal everytime or try to be good and block but they never figure it out. its good stuff.