Sakura Second Tier?

Hi all,

I’ve been getting back into MvC2 after a long break from fighting games, and I started browsing the web for some information on my favourite little sister of Shotokan. Now, I don’t usually give a damn about tiers in general, but I’ve been hearing people refer to Sakura as a second tier, but in other threads (including several of the main MvC2 tier threads), Sakura is near mid-low.

I do realise that this is to an extent, a subjective matter, and it won’t affect my gameplay (I’ve stuck with Sakura in every game since SFA2), but is she really powerful enough to be classed alongside the accepted second-tiers like Iceman and Ruby Heart?

Please, no trolls or unintelligible answers, just civil discussion.

Sakura is a solid mid-tier. No mobility or spammable moves but also no real cons that other mid tiers have. But hey that hasn’t stopped me from playing her. look at my thread <_<:rofl:

I agree, she’s def not in the lower part of the mid tier. I think shes definitely in the top half of the cast.

She’s used in every team i main, and she’s easily my favorite character to play.

Yeah it sucks that shes got no super good stuff, but at the same time, its just a bit more of a challenge, and it means that not EVERYONE is playing her.

Lets look at her stuff:
with any hit, low kick, low punch, whatever, she can link into her qcb+KK super. lk lk LP shoryu xx either qcb+KK for the damage or qcb+PP for the DHC goodness (since even if you DC, all of her fireballs come out anyways! too good!

Against people that jump a lot and try to hit you in the air, qcb+PP stops them dead for good damage.

Hurricane kicks are crazy damaging. They allow for the sent infinite.

After a lot of air supers, you can DHC into her qcf+PP super for crazy goodness, and that super pretty much gives any other super guaranteed hittage (try doing her super and DHCing into Mag’s Tempest to see what happens)

Her assist is pretty good, the dash reaches pretty far and allows you to run up and get your offense on. Its also good to stop other assists, as it sends the assist character flying, unable to be used.

And while i’m not a fan of it, some people like Dark Sakura. If that’s what you’re into, go for it. She’s good, just not worth 3 bars, especially when i have Storm on my team. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in her and have fun with her, then i say go for it! She’s a bit diff in the vs series than she is in most other fighters she’s in, but i like her best in MvC2 than any other game she’s in (though i dont really play CvS2).

^ Nice post. :pleased:

To tell you the truth, the ONLY reason why Sakura isn’t higher up on the tier list is because of one thing and one thing only…


If she had an airdash and not a pseudo-airdash (Shouoken doesn’t cut it) or even a quick ground dash like Cammy or Iceman she’d be way better. Plus, she takes 100% normal damage too like Cable.

Wow, been a while since i checked these boards. Marvel isnt popular here in Japan, ive been to at least 10 different arcades, and only found one with Marvel. For 100 yen a play though (about 90 cents) who the hell wants to bother?

But yeah, giving just about any character an 8 way airdash would automatically put them up there. Sakura with even a forward air dash would make fighting Cables and Storms a lot easier. Sure would make the infinite a lot easier to land on sentinel, thats for sure, haha.

And as for her damage, well, im just glad she doesnt take damage like say, Bonerine or Strider, for example. It would put doubt in my mind about playing her, while as it stands now, i have no doubts that she’ll always be in my main team. :slight_smile:

Oh I didn’t take your location seriously. lol At least you have many other games to play there, where Sakura is actually top tier. :wink:

Well, i found a couple arcades with 50 yen marvel. But i still have yet to see anyone who’s even HALFWAY decent at the game.

As far as other games where Sakura is top tier, its funny cause the only game i really use Sakura in is MvC2. I dont like her much in any other games, and i can’t do Shoshosho (then again im not much for cvs2). I dont play sf alpha/sf zero. CFE/CFJ is a joke. So yeah, only in MvC2 do i use Sakura, heh. I’m playing plenty of other games here tho.

That’s cool, I prefer the VS game version of her as well.