Sakura Setups and Safe Jumps



Hi, This is my first time posting on srk.
I’ve been watching this forum for quite a while now, probably over a year…
I mained Ken since vanilla and started to main Sakura since SSF.
I realized the Sakura forum doesn’t seem very active… And not many players sharing their Setups and tips compared to other characters. being one of the Sakura players I decided to share my experience and play style, im not the best sakura player, but hopefully it will help all other Sakura players out there.
So here goes…

So here they are… Just sharing my experience, hopefully it will be useful to other Sakura players and please correct me if I have anything wrong. Thank you

I play on Asia side in ssf4 ae pc version , name is Calib GWS if anyone wants to play together, thanks

Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!
Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!
Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!
Red Pantie Addict Anonymous: Sakura General Discussion!
Sakura Q&A: Ask simple questions here!

Tips: 1: try to end your combo with srk instead of h.tatsu, srk leads to knockdown without meter and puts you into a safe jump setup, break that habit of using h.tatsu / ex tatsu all the time

i hope your listening TFA. u already infected fergusboy

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Sakura Strategy and Match-up Thread (2.0)
New to Sakura, not to SF4

u know any safe jump setups after a hp dp or grab or just safe jumps in general. Thats my main thing i need to learn


I suppose we can turn this thread into a setup/safejump thread.


Taking my post from the Q+A thread.


yeah that and the tatsu in the air are the main things i need to fix…


Will I create a thread and update the OP with safejumps, setups, etc?

Or is the OP in this thread willing to update the OP with new setups? I don’t mind


do it because my safe jump game is weak.


After a HP DP, you can take like 1/2 a step forward and jump in safely. Works for yun/yang, chun, and… sometimes for ryu/ken for me.
I like HP DP more than medium since it does more damage!


I cant seem to fix air tatsu either… I thought I was the only one lol.


u cant safe jump ken or ryu and im very scared to safe jump some ppl with fast reversals because i always mess it up.


Actually u r able to safe jump on ken and ryu but not the usual safe jump u gonna be further away than then usual distance and only at the front
That worked when with my ken I never tried with Sakura yet


With the shotos i tend to try to empty jump and upon landing so…if they wake up srk i block it and nothing comes out and i’m free to punish however i like. If they try to wake up grab i will block it. Pretty much the option select covers all reversal options on my safe jump. I wanted to see if there was a way to use the tatsu as a safe jump? I like it because it’s so ambiguous in terms it looks like it should cross up but doesn’t.


thats not a safe jump though its a common bait.


as for tatsu u can netral jump tatsu to bait dp thats all.


Can’t that be punished on landing if they don’t DP?


Yes, it’s risky and only something to use sparingly.


So I imagine this is common knowledge to many, but I remember seeing some posts somewhere a while back about safe jumps after U2 in the corner, and how they can be tough because you need to be consistent with when the ultra connects, and some talk about double dash nj. hk.

But for those who may not know, ex tatsu, backdash, lp. shou, dash twice, nj. hk is a pretty easy safejump for 4f reversals. Just do everything as fast as you can, and press your jumping hk a little earlier than you might think to.


In the corner after u2, if I’m correct u dash once immediately and neutral
Dunno if it’s character specific tho


Like it’s been said, it depends on when the ultra connects. What I posted above works though (definitely two dashes).