Sakura Strategy and Match-up Thread (2.0)

u wanna get in a couple matches sometime??

Can some one just give me some general tip’s vsing bison
I’m not a terrible player but I have so much trouble against the good and bad bisons.
Dealing with head stomp pressure slide gimmicks
how should i punish scissor kick pressure? etc?!

How do you guys deal with Claw’s super? Seems like no matter what I do, I always get grabbed.

abel specific tips? is light punish all wheel kicks? im not sure.

dash like crazy away from him. that’s your best bet.

ah sorry, links all changed around from when SRK indexed their site differently,

I’ve only fought like…2 Vegas ever so I’m not sure if it’s actually a viable tactic or just a fluke, but in one of the matches I managed to escape it entirely by accident with EX Otoshi when I flubbed a U2 input.

What kinda tools do you guys use to keep blanka in the corner and stop him from using rainbow ball? I was testing around with jab-jab (os cr.hp) but it wasn’t working for me

cr.lp ~ U2 beats everything he does except U1, you will get hit by ex upball but you can lp do into U2 as a punish, meaty cr.lp stuffs electricty, U2 beats backdash and escape ball.

on rose medium dp hold up than jump hp option select dp. Blows up ex drill backdash etc.

mp dp, hold uf loses against delayed wakeup

can they delay a quick rise so its in between quick and late? im sure some ppl have the reactions to tell.

yes, you can delay it so you quick rise later

yeah lol @ that.
it was done to make it easier to time when sf4 came out, i think its nice that they kept it in though.

Only characters with fast reversals like 6f or faster benefit from it though.
Nobody cares if Sakura late rises because you can be really lenient with the safejump, same against Rose.

Ever feel like it fucks with high low mixups though?

i dont think so, maybe if you use mp.srk as your combo ender all the time.
but if you dont get the safe jump you can always just buffer in a (becomes empty jump) or throw incase they slow-rise, but you can normally tell if they get up late or not.

i don’t know what type of high/low mixups you are talking about but if you want a stronger guessing game you should be using hp.srk for your ender

I mean, if they late quick rise after a hp shou, couldn’t it make a jump that would potentially be unclear whether or not your jump would hit or whiff (and then hit low) into a jump that would obviously whiff, giving your opponent absolutely no reason to be blocking high when they wake up?

What kind of footsies are there to be had with M. Bison (Dictator)? I feel like there’s not much to compete with his buttons and scissor kicks, but I’m used to Makoto’s buttons so that might be my problem :).

I’m pretty sure beats but it’s a tough range to force yourself into (Like Cody’s

Maybe for his Buffer hp shouken in both of these CH > xx shouken for his (Bisons tend to press this a lot)

This is my best guess anyway, haven’t really looked into beating Bison’s normals