Sakura Super-Cancels for xbox/gc



I am a P-groover. (Who am I kidding, I’m a 3rd Striker, but that is a different story.) And I have been playing around with Sakura.

When I get her meter charged (by whiffing dive kicks like a mad beast) I go into guard break strings with the fireball and the hurricane kicks. The beautiful part is that you can cancel either of them into super on xbox/gc and land super by keeping up a pressure game.

My favorite is hurricane - canceled into uppercut super. Super fun to get your opponent just before guard break and then do hurricane - guard break - supercancel - uppercut super.

One thing to keep in mind is that the dive kick will cancel into super, but the super will whiff if you do it.

Anyone else got any good supercancels?


I don’t have it for X-box and GC. but TECHNICALLY wouldn’t the c. lk. x2 s. lk, hard punch shoryuken, -super cancel- shoryuken super. work?