Sakura Vs. Akuma



ok so i wanted some opinions on how to beat the akuma players that rape the jumping fireball.
usually i can get away with nailing a dash under to dp. this being said i also know how stupid this may sound but still… lol help please.


You gotta be more specific than just saying “rape the jumping fireball”, because there are many ways to use an air fireball,


Just like someone that alters from fireball to jump fireball just jumping back then when I get close to start doing damage they will do the teleport across the screen and begin fireballing again. I’ve tried different jumping and dashing and blocking. Basically I’m wondering if there’s a better way.


i read in another forum on like gamefaq or something that other people are having the same problems and are chalking it up to “thats his only defense”. to constantly spam a combo. i just dont understand there must be something to avoid this. i looked up spamming akuma on youtube and it seems like a very notable problem with all characters against akuma besides akuma vs. akuma. there is a video of a dudley just smashing out ultras on an akuma player.

UGHHHHHHH FLUSTERED. sorry if i seem like im nonsensically rambling.

any help from any one or even if you also feel flustered by this please add to the convo.


Just look for certain habits in his fireball patterns, and try to counter it by predicting his next move. Usually mp shouoken is great for going under air fireballs as well.


Just take notes on how Juso just bodied Infiltration at the madcatz capcom cup qualifier.


How does Juso do it that he presses MP+MK to go into focus, but then instead of doing the attack, just goes back to the neutral position? The best strategy to fight the fireballs is to just jump away from them, is that correct?


That’s a focus attack dash cancel (FADC), you hold down the focus attack then cancel it into a dash by dashing in either direction.

Wiki page on focus attacks:

I’d also suggest reading other pages in the wiki, you could probably learn some useful info.


Thanks. Boy, computer games do require a lot of reading and learning. Whatever happened to just sit down and play?


well there’s always COD :stuck_out_tongue: