Sakura vs Akuma

It was a beautiful April afternoon Sakura was wandering the grounds of Aohura high school, they were having a festival today, people from all over town were walking around, enjoying the sights, sounds smells and tastes the school had to offer. The various classes had set up games, activities and food stalls for people to enjoy. Sakura had stopped by the judo club’s display, they were selling Noodles. “Egh…these are awful” she thought to herself “They all like wimps too…I’d give anything to spar with Master Ryu again…” She sighed to herself, the sight of a lovey dovey couple passing hand in hand compounded her melancholy. “Sa-ku-RA!” A bright and cheery voice called out from behind her. Suddenly she was being groped. Quickly she turned around to see her best friend Rin, grinning ear to ear. “Rin!? What are you doing here?” Sakura said, flustered. “It’s my school too silly, stop being so love lorn, lets go have some fun!” “All right, all right” A sheepish grin crept up on Sakura, Rin had such a healing effect on her. “what do you want to do?” “Well, I want to get some Taiyaki, and some udon, and a chocobanana, then there’s a concert, then I wanna go to a haunted house, then some icecream then I…” “Ok Ok! I get it, I get it, slow down…lets get something to eat, I’m starved”

On the other side of the school, an odd phenomena was occurring. Ordinary people would be walking along, minding their own business until suddenly a cold chill went down their spine, a feeling of dread and evil would pass through them. Occasionally somebody would spot a large man in a dark GI standing, but he would fade away like a ghostly apparition and move on. Unbeknownst to them this was Akuma’s Ashura warp. Teleporting from spot to stop he could travel quickly and silently, his movements invisible to the untrained eye. “Crowds” he thought to himself, rife with disgust. He began passing through them, literally. As he passed through a pregnant woman, he felt the child inside her die from his malicious intent. He smiled to himself. “Where are you Sakura? Take me to your master”

“Man, you sure can eat a lot” Sakura said to Rin. “eh heh…heeee” She beamed at her, Sakura wiped off a chocolate smudge and smiled back. “So what was that band called?” “Um…lets see…” Rin checked her guide “After school tea time…apparently they are really good, half of the people here are to see them, we should head to the auditorium if we want to get good seats” Rin grabbed her hand and began to run towards the multipurpose gym.

Akuma smelled the air inside the hallway. The stench of humanity was less prevalent. He felt he could start to hone in on his prey. He opened the first door he came across. It was full of loud young women smoking, the talking and laughing stopped abruptly as he stepped in. They all stared at him. One of them, the ring leader apparently, stepped forward. “What the hell are you doing in the girls washroom you creep!? Get the hell out of here you pervert!” “Where is Sakura?” He asked coldly, his deep red eyes burning with contempt for her pitiful soul. “How the hell should I know!? Who the hell is that anyway!?” The other girls began to chime in, harping on him, cheering on their leader. “Whats wrong with you, coming in here all of a sudden, asking weird questions. Did you escape from a mental hospital or something!?” She put her cigarette out on one of his massive pectorals “You smell like old meat, you dirty old man” “Blood” Akuma said, he had had enough of their impudence. He figured a medium punch would be more than enough for her. He took a half step and unleashed a devastating chop, catching the ring leader cleanly at the center of her head. Her eyes rolled back as her soft skull concaved under the massive force. She saw her teeth, shattered and broken suspended in the air for a brief split second as she fell to the ground, they sparkled like little pearls before her head hit the ground. She thought it was a beautiful sight. Her posse, alarmed by the fact their leader was bloodied and having an epileptic fit were not so pleased. One of them rushed up to Akuma, accidentally stepping in the pool of freshly released bodily fluids. “What have you done!?!” Akuma could not hear the rest. Their fear and shock had turn to anger, their hysterical cries were indecipherable. Several of them had produced knives. Akuma began storing energy in his legs. He pondered if he was put on earth to kill…for about a second. He released that energy. Bolts of lightning enveloped his leg, spinning at hurricane speeds he unleashed his tatsumaki zankuukyaku upon their unsuspected bodies. His devastating kick cut through them like a hot knife through butter. Their fleshy bellies offered no resistance as his foot passed through them, ripping out their insides and sending blood and guts careening, like a blender. On his first rotation he counted 5 hits, five large chunks of mid section ripped out and sent flying in the opposite direction. A couple of them had fallen, those unfortunate enough to still be standing felt his foot pass through them again, effortlessly going through their spine and bisecting them. 7 dead. 10 hits he thought to himself. The final rotation finished off the last two. “12 hits…very good” There was blood everywhere. A rib bone had been sent flying and pierced on of the stall doors. He heard vomiting and quiet sobbing coming from it. “Hayate…hayate…please save me”. Akuma briefly considered round housing the door in and send it flying into the pitiful creature, but decided he had wasted enough time and energy. As he turned around, small man peeked his head in…"I heard a lot of screaming, are you oh…?"He went silent. He bolted away. Akuma instinctively lept after him. Unable to control his inner monologue, the little man, probably a teacher, said “I’ve got to warn everybody in the auditoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” Akuma had already grabbed the man mid air by the neck, he flipped over and then sent the man flying though a window. Akuma was pretty sure he was saying auditorium. Unfortunately, several security guards saw his demon flip and were running towards him. “I don’t have time for this” He thought to himself. He concentrated his hatred into the palms of his hands and unleashed a massive beam of fiery death. Blinded by the light, one of the guards put of his hand to shield his eyes, he was shocked to see it was only a skelleton. His flesh was boiling, but he could not feel it. Looking over, he was repulsed by the sight of a humanoid pile of a of burning flesh and disturbingly white bones. The lidless monstrosity shared the same look of shock and disgust. His attempts to call out resulted only in a cool air passing through a hole in his throat. “I don’t have a hole in my throat” he thought to himself. He went black. Akuma was long gone, he had shoryukened through several floors of school building to reach the roof. He saw a large rectangular building. He heard the hustle and bustle of people, the concentration of filth was strong there. He smiled to himself.

Sakura was tapping her foot to the beat. For an all girl quintet they were pretty good. Sakura got the impression they didn’t practice that much, but the songs were catchy and the bassist was really pretty. “She looks like a doll” Sakura thought to herself “I wonder if Ryu like girls with long hair” She sighed twisted a finger around one of her short locks. The guitarist stepped up to the microphone; “Everybody! Thank you all so much!We’ve all had a great time here today, but we only have time for one more song, its called…” “KONGOU KOKURETSU ZAN!!!” Hundreds of massive beams of dark energy erupted from the center of the ceiling and filled the auditorium, piercing people like pin cushions. Sakura had closed her eyes and crouched down into the fetal position, there was smoke, dust, a lot of crashing a screaming. A second later, when the chaos seemed to die down a little bit she opened her eyes. She was covered in debris and filthy. Her clothes were stuck to her and her hair matted down. Blood. She realized most of it wasn’t hers. She then realized she was standing under the open sky, The gym had been cracked in two. The devastation of the scene around her was apparent. There were bodies everywhere. Some moving, some not. The air was full of cries and moans, the clattering of scattered chairs and bits of crumbling debris. The stage she was looking at a few seconds ago was dark and running with blood. She saw the bassist she was admiring was lying down on her stomach, her eyes wide open, her mouth was also open, as wide as a basketball and she could see all the way through her. She had been impaled. The drum kit was crushed by several stage lights…the keyboardist was crying frantically, her arms were bloody stumps that ended at the elbow trying to drag herself offstage, the sight of her slipping on her stumps almost amused sakura. RIN! she suddenly realized. She had been right next to her. But now there was nothing…just a shattered discoball. Sakura’s head was spinning. A sudden movement snapped her back into reality. It was a hand twitching from under the ball. It went limp. “GWAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOH” she cried and fell to her knees. On the stage she realized the massive, evil presence. A large man, clad in a dark gi was standing there with his back to her. A firey “heaven” symbol shone brightly on his back. “Sakura” He said "Come"
The guitarist, unscathed and oblivious to the carnage around seemed to awake from her daze and began to play a rendition Ken’s theme song.
She did not need to be asked twice, she was already running at him top speed, screaming “sho” repeatedly. Akuma laughed and teleported behind her. She skidded on her heels to a full a full stop, waving her arms frantically to keep her balance. “I’ll kill you!!!” she screamed and lept at him , arms bent back, hands clasped, ready to deliver a crushing hammer blow. She quickly realized it was a foolish move. Akuma was already punching her out of the air. She felt his meaty paw solidly deny her airspace has she was winded by the great blow to her gut. She shook off the pain and stood up again, her opponent was no longer in front of her. She looked up, saw him and smiled. She put all of her energy into a gigantic hadoken aimed upward. “hm” akuma grunted as he brushed away the energy 3 times. He awarded himself a thousand points for technical proficiency. Then in an act of physics defying violence he shot downwards like a rocket, foot pointed at Sakura’s skull, she managed to back dash at the last possible moment, Akuma missed her head but landed on her foot, a lifetime of violence and hate concentrated into his big toe, landing squarely in the middle of her foot. Sakura heard a sickening crunch, but didn’t feel anything, She did notice that once of her shoes was noticeably redder and than the other. She barely noticed she was looking at the sky, she must have been swept. “Where is Ryu?” A voice boomed at her. Hearing his name gave her a new sense of strength and courage filled her. She quickly got up. “I’d never tell you! I hate you! I will defeat you!” She hopped and spun, with her bloodied foot sticking out, sending an arc of crimson droplets flying. But they did not touch anything. Akuma was again airborne “Cheap jerk!” She shouted “I am merely playing with you” he retorted. Two giant fireballs were slowly moving towards her, she could not escape because of the unfair angle of them. She grimaced and braced herself, holding her arms in front of her. She cried out as they hit her, incinerating her arm hair. Her skin smoked and peeled, she screamed. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” she threw her arms out. Everything stopped for a moment. Her movements were fast and fluid, yet precise and exact, her arms seemed to move in slow motion, leaving behind a faint blue trail behind them…she felt like she could combo anything. “Is this…Ism?” she thought to herself “I can do it! I can win!” She took a step forward, she noticed Akuma seemed to be moving very slowly, but she was like molasses. It was the oddest pose she had ever seen, he was standing on one leg, the other one bent…she noticed he wasn’t walking or running at all, just a slow, graceful glide towards her, a deathly presence following him. “Ah” she managed to gasp as 2 powerful hands gripped her. She couldn’t describe what happened next. It was like being punched and kicked…but worse. Like, her insides were being poked and prodded and rearranged. Like her heart was at the soles of her feet, then in the middle of her arms and then she couldn’t feel it anymore. She felt her spine shatter.
It hurt.
A lot.

The End.

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Wow umm…that was incredibly descriptive! Especially the whole fight sequence between both title characters and how that “certain music club” got mauled pretty badly.

Tell your friends! Because I have no credibility!

Well…the [media=youtube]W98RFGgont0[/media] presumably gets out of it alive.

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Thoguh on a critics level, following cannon, Akuma does not murder or fight the weak … this Akuma kills everyone O_o.

Last three sentences are amazing. :tup:

Yes! Fuck Sakura!

Well done.

That was pretty good. Kinda gory for a Street Fighter story though… I hope Sakura didn’t die (Can’t kill my favorite character like that) lol

You have shown how bad Akuma is though. Very nice.

You have inspired my friend

LOL, I had initially skipped this because of the absurdity of the tittle, but I finally got a glimpse of the possitive comments and decided to read it.

Great work. That was the coolest shit I’ve read lately.:tup:

PS: you should have put a warning in the title that the story was actually funny. Other people may have been turned away at the sight of “Sakura Vs Akuma”.

Not bad.

I enjoyed it.

Voted 5 for great justice! :tup:

hehe nice work!

5/5 would read again :tup:

ROFLMAO, best line in a fan fic ever.

As a Sakura lover, I want very much to hate you for having her lose the fight but I can’t… too awesome.

kinda late, but this story is just to awesome, so i had to comment.

but gee did sakura have to die??? D:
Lol its like mortal kombat meets Street- wait no thats all over newgrounds.

OMG!! I read that part twice, I can’t stop laughing!! Pure awesomeness lol…


I loved it!

Hilarious. Nice work Kromo. I had a vivid picture of this scene in my head the entire time and if I knew how to use flash I’d be tempted to try to animate it lol.

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