Sakura vs Scrubby El Fuertes



I cannot for the life of me figure out a good way to counter the cross up
QCF P + MP run attack.

I swore cr. FP counters it but I can’t get it to work for the life of me.
I can Focus and punish it pretty well, but after knockdown… err I don’t know what to do… :wasted:

Anybody have any tips on fighting the fuerte with an emphasis on scrubby fuertes?


blocking eh…

so i’m guessing what you’re really trying to say is, that situation is a wash(unpunishable), and I should try do my damage else where…?


No it’s just my little brother. He’s scrubby. XD
He does this regardless of if I punish or not (with a different chara for example), but I can’t seem to do shit with sakura since she has few wakeup options. :confused:

and he’s in honolulu, where i’m originally from. :smiley: Yes keep me posted. I really really really need fuerte practice. More so now that my little brother switched over to maining him… I went from pounding him 10-1 to getting pounded. I must lose like 2/3.


on wake up lp shouoken will get you up and out of the way quick enough for you to recover and block. It’s much better than ex shouoken because of what zack said. Only downside is fuerte can also fake you out and do nothing so don’t get carried away with it.


Dash away if you are assuming he won’t do a slide.


I like to dash forward when I think they’ll do the splash, then just punish him with a c HK and do a wake up game on him, the Elf players I play against usually fall for two c. HKs in a row and then I throw them after that, unless they have an ULTRA ready, in which case I’ll do a few c. LKs before he wakes up to bait the ULTRA then I jump over it and punish that.

But I usually have to eat a few slides or splashes before I can free myself. Playing against Fuerte, it’s inevitable to get caught up in his traps for a little bit.


Focus attack. You can absorb it and go from there.

If they do something else, then you’re kinda pooped.


you pick another character. fuerte vs sak is free!


I like LP shouken on wake-up or block if i think theyre gonna do the slide thing


Learn to guess right and punish the press on block, then pressure him since his anti-pressure game is terrible. If you have the time, you can try jumping back + attacking if necessary since shitty Fuertes can’t get around that very well.


I play Sakura every now and then. The best advice I have is not to get knocked down against Fuerte in the first place, hahaha.

She is very limited with “good” options to avoid the tostada (or anything on wake up really). Back dash is good, but the Fuerte can always change his timing to screw with your wake up back dash. Make sure you wait till you see him hit the air, back dash, punish. FA absorb then backdash/forward dash is probably the way to go, it will get you out of it and allow you to punish if you dash the correct way. LP srk is no good if they time it right, it has no invincibility and a pretty slow startup (a 6 frame window is pretty easy to exploit). Anticipating the direction, block and punish would be another good one. I think you can low mk xx srk to punish on block, and if not then you can definitely sweep. Crouching HP will trade at best for the most part.

Since we’re just talking about avoiding splashes I won’t get into the rest of the match up, but pray that he doesn’t actually learn how to use all of those mix up options if you’re having trouble with just the splashes. Sakura has a rough time period with this match up, so if you face a good Fuerte, might wanna try another character.


Side note: I am also from HNL (Hawai’i Kai area). I really need to get back there one of these days. :sad:


Yeah, wasn’t sure if it did or not from that distance. Good stuff. :tup:


there is no stopping fuerte. once you get knocked down, YOU STAY DOWN

not as bad as you might think, ex run gets you out of a nearly everything that isn’t an armor break. best advice i have is throw a lot, because throws will beat a run of any kind.



LOL. wow. i need an avatar of these.


so… This match-up is sounding tougher and tougher. :sad:


neutral jump HK and FA attacks deal with pretty much anything fuertes throwing your way


Keep Fuerte at a distance and react to what he does once you get him full screen. If he runs in at you from full screen, do what Shytzoo said. If he has no bar, pressure the hell out of him. If he has bar, try to trick him into using it with wake up EX stuff. And for the love of barbacoa, don’t get knocked down!!! Don’t panic though, just try to guess right.

With Sakura’s ability to deal out heavy stun and damage with her mixups, sometimes all it takes is one correct/lucky guess and the match is yours (this really applies to just about every char vs Fuerte). It also works the other way around, so just play solid and patient and wait for your opportunities.


it is quite hard for sakura, and easy for fuerte. you just need to pay attention very closely and focus while you’re playing.

edit: focus as in pay attention, not focus attack. :stuck_out_tongue:

this guy knows his stuff. take notes. if you knock fuerte down and think he’s gonna run/ex run, throw him.


neutral jump, backdash, focus, and if you feel frisky and can read the correct range on the fly, use ultra…

neutral jump gets you out of the grab, but loses to splash.

focus gets you out of splash, but loses to the grab.

backdash is kinda universal, but is very strict.

once knocked down by fuete(true with him vs most of the cast), it becomes a complete guessing game, in fuerte’s favor, over and over and over again.