Sakura win quotes & taunts list



Hi, first post here, nice to meet you.

I have a terrible memory and I always forget what the taunts and win quotes are, so I thought a list would be beneficial. I googled it and found nothing, so… moving on.

Naturally, I play with Japanese voice for Sakura because the English voice actor sounds like Meg from Family guy… however for this list I turned on English because I don’t understand Japanese. I imagine the translation should be similar but you never know.

Personal Actions (taunts)

  1. Careful, you might hurt yourself.
  2. Fight!
  3. I play for keeps.
  4. Give it your best shot.
  5. Get ready, here I come! (bends knees and girly jumps forwards a bit)
  6. girlish laugh (in english there’s some weird beep at the end)
  7. Get ready, here I come! (stretches arms behind head)
  8. Are you for real?
  9. This is really fun! (while doing Personal Action 2 pose)
  10. Oh come on!
    …Is there an eleventh taunt?

Win Quotes

  1. I really got a sense of how strong you are during the fight!
  2. I hate to say it but your moves are just plain booooring.
  3. You could use some improvement in the technique department.
  4. I feel great! all that jogging must be paying off.
  5. Nice move! i think i’ve got the gist of it. i’ll try it myself next time!
  6. Wow! Not bad!
  7. It feels great when you can pull off combos just how you imagine 'em!
  8. Cool! we finished in time for me to meet up with Kei after all!
  9. What do I want to do when I grow up? I’m thinking… gym teacher!
  10. Uh-oh! I forgot to text Karin! Can I borrow your cell for a sec?
  11. No sweat!



I believe Personal Action 9 is “This is really fun!” while doing Personal Action 2 pose.


I like the one she says to Sagat:

“I can understand your obsession with Ryu. Isn’t he dreamy?” or something of that nature.


haha yea that always makes me laugh! I’ve never noticed but does she ever say that online?


It’s come up a few times for me.


I like the one she says to Bison: Is that gigantic chin the source of your power?

and Dhalsims “I bet those long arms come in handy when you run out of toilet paper in the washroom!”

Those two always make me laugh.


The Japanese is a little different to the English, my Japanese is only basic so I’m only able to understand a few things.

  1. (No idea :P)
  2. I won’t lose! (makenai!)
  3. (something about being serious) (honki deku(?) yo.)
  4. Bring it on! (kakatte koi!)
    5&7: All right! Here I come! (yoshi! iku zo!) (essentially the same I guess)
  5. Are you serious? (honkina no?)
  6. (something about being excited)
  7. (not sure x_x;:wink:

Just can’t make out half the stuff being said so it’s impossible to lookup :frowning:

#6 is my favourite, think that little nose rub and giggle is so cute <3 The nose rub is like a trademark of hers :slight_smile: The way she hops up on #5 is also adorably cute but it’s too long in general.

There’s a compiled list of all (or almost all) win quotes on gamefaqs :slight_smile:


I prefer Taunt Three. It’s goofy and cute at the same time. And its usually appropriate.


I remember someone saying Either the hop taunt, or the strech taunt went under fireballs, or was just good in general for shortening the hitbox. I usually choose hop, but if that’s the wrong one, it might be more beneficial to pick it.


As many of us Sak players might know, sometimes it’s hard to get in and get the damage going. I love when opposition thinks you are a sad sack and start taunting you because they are still sitting on 100% health and you’ve taken quite a beating. Then you get your oppurtunity and beat the piss out of them and while they are seeing stars you bust out taunt 8…best feeling EVAR!!!


@ the OP. Nice one I always forget too.


I love Taunt 4 for some reason. I gotta remember to roll with Win Quote no. 7. God I love Combos.


SSF4 Win quotes.

List of Sakura Super Street Fighter 4 win quotes:

1: Training is fun if you set your mind to a specific goal to work toward.
2: Yes! I’m doing great! Gotta keep this up!
3: Awesome fight! I’m on top of my game today!
4: Oh no! I almost forgot I’m s’posed to meet Kei today! I’m gonna be late!
5: I got some kind of invitation in the mail from Karin. I’d better reply!
6: Yeah! That was great!
7: That was so fun! We have to do it again soon!
8: Phew! That was a close one! Wanna go again?
9: You’re pretty strong, but you need to mix up your moves a bit more.
10: Thanks for fighting me!
11: That’s a wrap!

I like numbers 1 and 9.


She sure seems to like meeting with Kei and texting Karin alot 0_o


They’re her close friends, it’s only natural :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you guys come across any character specific win quotes outside of arcade mode yet? Think they might have removed them :frowning:


Whenever she mentions Karin I get sad that she’s not in the game and Adon is. :frowning:


9: You’re pretty strong, but you need to mix up your moves a bit more.



taunt 6 all day and they need her f’n dance back.


Yeah it rocks , but i liked the alpha3 one. It was WAY better.


I’ll be using number 9 exclusively from now…