I drew Sakura, as a pleasurable service to an eager friend.

All in all, I am displeased with her face, yet am unwilling to spend any more work on this picture.

Her pose brings happiness to my heart.


Your CG skills are good but you should spend more time on her anatomy first.


:eek: :eek: It is beautiful artwork.

You have a great talent. Great work


Sakuras head is big, but you made it sort of a little bigger than usual. Good coloring though.


Most regrettably, my soul was not obligated to enjoy this example.

Her right arm, for your discretion, appears to myself as a specimen of a munchkin.

Yet afterall, the CG coloring, I do not despise. Not fleeting a hope of your ability!


I like the colours and the composition - a bit too fan-service-y for me, but it’s pretty good :slight_smile: