Sakura's Alternate CCs

Sakura Insult CC:

[fp DP]xN (until corner) -> jab DP -> [taunt]xN -> Uppercut Super

Only use the fierce DPs to get them to the corner, then the jab dp will launch them and land you so you can cancel the recovery into her taunt and juggle them in the corner with it. For safety you can do two jab DPs.

Sakura Hopscotch CC: (corner only)

[fp Fireball -> fk DP+k Px3] -> [Air qcf+fk -> stand fp -> DP+fk Px3]xN -> Uppercut Super

Uh yeah… this is cool looking… The downward air kick is slightly tricky to time the hit, and Uppercut Super setup as you like.

i should try these :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
thanx B

do you have any worthwhile, semi-damaging alternate CC’s? i can’t get the repeated DP motion down for the life of me. i like playing her in A groove because she builds the meter so damn quick. and there’s no point of just playing her as a battery if she can get off a custom, and easily still build another meter before she dies.


OMG yes I need a worthwhile one do besies dpx999 times I cna’t do it =(

if u cant do dp motion, cna always buffer it, all u hav to do is do the dp motion once, then do repeated qcf. with a little practice, u can do 4 hit buffers 80% of the time. my technique doin the cc is [dpm+hp(hold forward), qcf+hp(hold forward), qcf+hp(hold forward)…] ihope dat helps

Try this

Activate, fp -> [fp DP -> [qcb+fk -> fp] x3]xN -> super

scrubby, but works. if you ever feel like you’re going to fuck up the DP, just do the hurricane kick into fp and then restart DPs.

i don’t understand what you’re saying. should the qcf motions be quicker than normal considering they have to register the dp and not the fireball? and what does dpm stand for? dragon punch medium? and what do you mean by hold forward? wouldn’t the motion be so quick that holding forward would get difficult.

and thanks a lot mummy-B. that custom isn’t too bad, does about half a bar R2-R2, and considering she can build another one up so quick…

You hold forward after each DP because they actually aren’t that quick. You want to do about 2.3 DPs per second. That’s really not that fast at all. You can do it faster if you want, but you don’t have to. If you’re having trouble, this is the easiest way to do it.

dpm is dragon punch motion… also, another way to do bufferd run the mills is after u do 1st dpm, do lil 360’s that only register as qcf… my frend does it like dat, and frankly, it werks, looks funny too

so far, the most i’ve gotten in a row is 3:(

EDIT- i just got like 8 in a row, and i have no idea how. is bison’s painting the fence motion have the same speed?

8 in a row and u dont knoe how u did it… try it in trainin mode if u arent already… activate dpm+hp,[qcf+hp]xN the timing isnt tricky, and 8 in a row is pretty good, infact, thats very good, sine thats more thanhalf of wat u could actually fit in a full bar. jes practice it sum more and ull get it

as for paintin… timing is more iffy, but once get saks cc down, bison’s paintin is only a bit faster

sry if it doesnt make sense, im very tired and hungry and cant think straight

no it makes sense, it’s all good. and i was already in training. it’s just weird, bc 9 times out of 10 i do 2 DP’s, then a fireball.

EDIT- holy motherfuckin god. i just did 89 hits in a row!!! i think i was just overdoing the motion. i’m doing it on my agetec, and i just put the ball of the joystick in the palm of my hand, and made tiny, consistent quarter circle moves. hopefully i can get some consistency:D

Painting the Fence is slower than Sak’s CC. Bison’s CC isn’t really even that fast. It’s rythmic. In any event, learning Sak’s custom won’t make you much better at Bison’s. They’re pretty different.

For Bison’s you actually want to do individual DP motions. Don’t use any short-cuts; you’ll get much less damage.

u can actually buffer bisons paintin to the point where it does the same # of hits as unbufferd (which i think is 4 hits)

u might be right about that havoc, and if u are, i apologize for that advice popo

an btw havoc, isnt that abit too fast? cuz i an do full 4hit runs and get only about 60 hits which is about 15 reps. and the bar only lasts 9 sec’s… so 18-27reps in a full bar is fast dont u think? unless u buffer really fast then plz ignore this whole section :smiley: