Sakura's best groove

All I know is that C-Groove isn’t meant to be her best groove, and I’ve found a C-Groove FAQ for her. Now obviously, I don’t want a FAQ telling me how to use Sakura in a groove she isn’t so good in.

What is her best groove, and why?

A-groove, because:

  • one of the best, most damaging custom combos in the game
  • THE best chipping (blocked) custom combo in the game (sakura is the reason a-groove causes problems for K and P grooves)
  • one of the best battery (meter building) characters in the game (because of her 8 hit bnb combo: xx dp+hp, whiffed dive kicks, etc)
  • top tier RCs: RC qcb+MK, RC qcb+HK, RC qcf+P
  • plus everything else that makes her great, including good anti airs, pressuring with hurricane kicks, far standing roundhouse, far s.MP, far s.LK, dive kicks, etc)

Thanks. :tup:

What is that chipping custom combo then?

activate, s.hp hp hk hp, dp+hp xn, super. cancel the dps at 4 hits.

it’s the same custom as her regular one… end with qcfx2+k super if it hits, end with qcbx2+k super if they still aren’t guard crushed (rarity)

usually if they arent crushed, ill go for a hk hurricane to end it. Why?

You get meter back

  • chip on their gauge, usually will break gaurd.
    You can keep pressuring them with the hurricane kick traps.(even more meter)

Damn thats some good shit to know Hail, no wonder you was killing at this game so much. What other traps would you recommend for when you have your opponent cornered?

Killing at what? You never saw me play before…Unless theres someone at your local arcade that refers to themselves as Hail And Kill…

other traps? We’ll, I donno, i can’t reveal ALL my tricks! Just make some up.

Well this could be wrong but a buddy of mines that is also a member here told me that you are BAS and if that is true then I have seen alot of videos on you and your playing style on cvs 2. But he could’ve been wrong too. So if thats the case then my bad for mistaken identiy. But you did give some good ideas for sakura so I figured i would ask you for some ideas since I am learning her in A groove fashion.

wassup bas

can you help me with A-bison? people always do dash c.fwd, and that owns me for some reason.

but whenever i use bison, and i always dash and do c.fwd and eat a throw.


To stop dash c.fwd

That easy. Just throw back or attack before they get in. If you have full a groove, then you can try to get them to c.fwd and you activate and you get them bad.

A-Sakura>C, P, S, N, K-Sakura. Ask Ricky Ortiz lol.

Doesn’t Sak have a 100% combo in A-Groove?

i’m just starting to use A Sak and i’m having a really hard time doing multiple DP+HPs in her CC. any tricks or shortcuts on doing the DP motions really fast? please help.

Man, she has one of the best A-Groove chipping combos. Not only that, but if you really want to go a step further, if you want free meter right after the A-Groove ends, simply time the hit of MP->Hurricane Kick so that after the first hit of the hurricane kick, the A-Grove has ended, then s. LP,LK, Shoryuken. Almost as much as the damage with the super ending and you’ve builded up meter.

thanks for the info. do you know any stick shortcuts for the multiple DPs in CC? please help cuz i’m messing up big time :frowning: