Sakura's BnB

Her BnB


HP xx lk hk -> c.hp xx EX hk

is impossible according to frame data? am i reading this right? i was looking up the frame data in order to know if i should plink the c.hp or double tap it. And the frame data Here

Shows this for the lk. hk and the c.hp

Shows that a lk hurricane kick puts you at a +4 frame advantage, but it says c.hp is 5 frame startup. Meaning this wouldnt combo. I am assuming the data is incorrect because the combo is possible, that or i am reading the data wrong. Either way. What kind of link is it? 1 frame? 2? any tips on landing it every time?

It clearly says 4 for cr.HP’s startup.

LK shunpu leaves you at +4, cr.HP hits on the 4th frame; that’s a 1-frame link. You should plink the cr.HP to make it easier.

If you suck at plinking then you can use st.LK instead of cr.HP since that’s a 2-frame link.

lk shunpu is +4 frames

cr.hp has start up 4 frames (and hits ond the 4. frame) so it is a 1 frame link, but it is plinkable.