sakura's cc's



can you guys(and girls) help me out with these?



(dp+fp) x N (cancel before she leaves the ground)

-Usually start this with a few FPs or HKs because they come out faster. If you are playing against p groove you might want to start it with a c.forward sometimes to mix it up.

Anti-air/easy cc

(dp+mp) x N (cancel after she lands again)

-the anti air version can be started off a close or you can start it with a dp+wp. you can also do a dp+wp as anti air, land, activate, and then do the mp dragons. It’s better to activate first (before the dp+wp) though, but activating after is more stylish (and more damaging i think)

EDIT: the damaging cc can be done by performing a dp motion normally for the first one, then moving the joystick from forward to down and up to forward (without going through neutral) so there’s less motion involved…


What is it that you need help on? Obviously how to do it has been explained above, if you have trouble landing the super you can nail an HK hurricane kick quickly before meter runs out and then cancel that into the super.


Those CC’s suck. You’re not doing them right.


Don’t even do the super. Just do a roundhouse hurricane kick right before the meter runs out, and then link it into s.jab, s.strong, fierce DP. It does about the same damage as if you ended it with a hurricane super, and it gives you tons of meter to boot.


But how many people can even do that?

Problems that i'am having

^ As many people practice it. It’s not THAT hard of a link… I know of harder.


After messing around with her a bit, I found a braindead way to get meter after her CC and still do good damage (8K).

From point blank range, do close s.rh x2, close s.fierce (for shorter characters, use far s.rh), then do 13 DPs, canceling the last one into a short hurricane, then mash on s.jab. The jab should hit just as the CC ends, and you chain it into another one. Chain that into a s.short XX Fierce DP. :slight_smile:

This does just over 8K and gives you just about half of a level one. It does a fierce’s worth of meter less than the other version (ending with rh hurricane, linking s.jab into s.strong/s.short XX Fierce DP), but obviously far less stun. For damage, go straight into super instead (or do what I do… after 12 DPs, do a short hurricane into c.fierce, uppercut super… the GHETTO WAY!), but this way helps you work towards another CC faster.


im having major problems with the roundhouse hurricane kick into jab, strong, uppercut
does it require a corner or something?
i even tried mashing on jab after the kurricane kick but to no avail


and im thinking…if u can link jab strong after the cc, why not jap strong into mk hurricane kick to continue the pressure instead of a knockdown with the fierce uppercut?
of course all this is paper streetfighter considering the difficulty of the link and comboability…
imagine a string like this…cc ends with jab strong, mk hurricane…dont do the third kick but rc fireball, rc hurricane…(insert whatever attack sequence) its a relentless atack sequence!!!


I would rather knock them down and then rc a fireball as they get up, or any number of possibilities. Building meter and knocking down is a lot better than not building meter and keeping them up and in block stun (where they can get out of it)

mashing on jab after the hurricaine will definately not get you the link. it does not require a corner only timing.


MK hurricane leaves Sakura at -1.


when i do the cc it only does about 6500 w/o a few hks :frowning:

nm around 8100

also i cant do it when im on the right side:(


I want to ask, are you absolutely doomed as a P/K-groover against A-sak? Yeah well technically you can parry/JD through the entire CC, but like… yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like K groove and it’s my strongest groove (and pretty much the only one I can use decently), and against A-sak I’m pretty screwed. Yeah, true, I should avoid being in a position for the A-sak to start the CC in the first place, but seeing how the CC can be used any time whether you’re hit or blocking, there’re gonna be times where you can’t avoid it, and flash, CC starts, dead.

any tips?

I feel inclined to learn the sak CC myself because of losing too many games just due to it. I can now do the CC semi-successfully, but with PS controller only, and only when I’m on the left side :lame: still can’t get how to do it with a stick… dont have a stick to practice at home


i can’t do the left either :D, so i do the AA combo in Gunter’s site, but when i’m in the corner i keep pressing taunt and then end it with a super.