Sakura's Jump Smash

I think that’s what the move’s called. The one where she jumps in and acts all off balanced and goes “whoopsie” What can it be used for? Maybe I’m missing something it seems pretty useless to me.


Watch any sakura video and you’ll see its useful

finisher to ex tatsu. You know that she has to press a punch for it to hit right? Frankly I feel there’s got to be some other use to it other than the ex version and to finish an ex tatsu combo. Sometimes it comes out for me on accident and sometimes it’s useful, I punished akuma sweep after a blocked with it once. Maybe it could be used in block string to punish crouch tech? I don’t know.

If they fb throw ex otoshi to close the gap if you can hit em with it go for that also. It’s not recommended but you can use lk. otoshi to get out of a corner.

The move is only there to make me crazy, cause this phuck comes out accidentally too often when i want to combo into tatsu/Ex tatsu.

while in the air, hit the punch button, up to 3 three times after making contact. If you don’t hit the punch button in the air, thats when she goes whoopsie’s.

do her trial mode and find out and then use the ex version to get in on fireball characters

Just from the top of my head.

Most used option is usually punishing fireballs with the EX version. It comes out VERY fast and creates an untechable knockdown.

What I usually use it for is after a throw EX Fireball on their wakeup into EX Otoshi. Amazingly it works quite a bit on people who try to jump out.

Then of course there’s using it in a combo with EX Tatsu and even doing EX Tatsu fireball FADC into Otoshi. Just to style on people. HIGHLY Unnecessary and a waste of meter imo.

Sometimes while applying pressure instead of throwing out a lk.tatsu I’ll do an lk otoshi. It’s not an overhead but people try to react to it once they see you leave the ground. It works alot because at that range a lk otoshi is very quick and most people are trying to counter with a move with long startup. If it doesn’t connect I continue with pressure.

Ohh yeah lk otoshi is awesome if your in range it comes out pretty fast and is pretty hard to react to.

How much recovery does it have when they block the otoshi smash? I always get punished if they try to punish on block.

EX version is used to punish projectiles.

Regular version should only be used in EX Tatsu combos when it will finish them off, otherwise go for the reset.

K,i see how it’s useful now. But now I’m having problems with her challenges. Starting with # 10. Which is:

Jump in, H punch
Stand, M punch
Focus Attack

I’m having problems linking the Hadoken in
I mean I perform the first 2 actions, and they light up red
Then I perform the Hadoken, but it doesn’t light up as if it were successful

Plus Dan blocks it, so it almost seems like I’m not doing it fast enough or something.
Any tips on that?

Sit and practice s.mpxxhado double tap mp. it helped me.

I thought I’d ask this here… but I’ve been watching some videos of Uryo’s Sakura and I’ve noticed he doesn’t always connect the 3rd hit of the Otoshi. Anyone know why?

Just got answered today…

I dunno the shorthand, what’s s.mpxxhado

Standing medium punch cancel into hadoken. What I do is tap middle punch and then immediatly input the hado. Its a smooth motion once you find it you can do. light punch xx light hado, light punch xx medium hado so on and so forth.

I wish there was a way to type out the timing. pretty much throw a medium punch and count in your head until the animation stops. Screw frame data just estimate. Say you can count to 2 during the medium punch. it means you need to have that hado input between 1 and 2.

If you’re close to a corner, you’ll put yourself in the corner with the third hit. Generally not a place you want to be, even if you have the knockdown advantage.

You need to read up on how combos work, every move has startup, active, and recovering frames, and block or hit stun. xx hadouken (standing medium punch canceled into hadouken) is a cancel. Canceling refers to canceling the recovery time of a move with another move. The other main concept behind executing combos is a link, and that refers to doing another move after recovery of the previous move. What you want to do is cancel the recovery of into hadouken. What you’re probably doing is trying to link them, just doesn’t cause enough hit stun to allow that combo.

You don’t want to be waiting on the red light to do the hadouken. As soon as you hit, you need to do the motion and hit a punch for the hadouken.
Once you can get that to work, you also need to cancel the hadouken’s recovery with a focus attack.

I did read up on cancelling, and i understand it. I for some reason just can’t execute it. So I wait for the to connect then hadoken while the recovery’s happening and that should cancel the recovery then right?