Sakura's Kick Super

I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages now, I still can’t land it.
Is it at all possible to combo-in her kick super?

er, Sho ken, cancel at about 4th hit then do it. Basically her sho ken can cancel and connect with all her supers.

On xbl in p-groove you can cancel the hurricane kick into the kick super.

p-groove? in marvel vs. capcom 2? how come nobody told me this!?

Looks up
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But anyways, thanks.
It’ll still need a bit of work with me though, cancelling was never my forte.
And I’ll see what I can do about the P-Groove combo.


I love it when I start posting before I’ve had my coffee.

I’ve never even played marvel. I was talking about sakura in cvs2.

I will not delete my post. I will leave it as an example for all the other idiots that forget where they are.



For some reason, i can’t get her QCFLP to connect into her QCFPP. Is there certain timing to it?

I could’ve sworn I used to do it when I used to play with her…but now…meh.

and it’s not qcfLP…it dp motion lp (though you could do HP)

yeah that was 4 years ago and i wasnt reading that he said cvs2 sakura. Damn you owned my 2003 post hardcore. O_o

I’m confuzzled

Umm, you replied to my post in this thread.

That post you replied to was over 4 years ago.

The person who started the thread didn’t realize that it was in the MvC2 section, not the CvS2 section.

Sakura’s shoryuken in MvC2 is qcf, not dp.

oh…yeah I’m still lost. well if I did something bad I’m sorry or if I did something good thanks!

qcb.KK could then DHC to lightning storm, if timed right so that Storm recovers in time to OTG>boshit