Sakura's Medium Punch

Just out of curiosity, is there ever a reason (other than focus attacks) to ever press Medium Punch with Sakura?

I’d like to hear your guys thoughts on the different versions of Strong as a normal, and her Strong special moves.

Well MP DP gives more advantage than HP DP, you can do hold up forward after MP DP and to safejump Yun’s LK DP for example.

I like to use xx tatsu in shunpu pressure. is a okish AA against twin’s divekicks.

I like cr. mp as a counter poke. is pretty good for frametrap setups.
As fergus stated her mp.dp gives her better oki at the cost of less damage. is a decent poke with a good hitbox the only problem with it is the range.
Oh and one of the best air to air moves in the game imo.

St. strong is also a great way to combo into ex dp/ex tatsu or the respective normal versions.
I really enjoy the AE version of Sakura, although I wish her backdash was a bit better.

Thanks for the great replies guys, this is exactly what I was looking for! :smiley: I just feel that :mp: is one of the more underused weapons in Sakura’s arsenal (particularly the way I play her) and I’d like to see what people are coming up with in case anybody else is having that same problem and wants to mix things up.

Ah yeah I forgot about Her best air to air move hands down

Sakura’s far s.MP is a pretty good anti-Jaguar Tooth tool. Should know that like light attacks far s.MP doesn’t have vulnerable hit-boxes on the striking arm making it a pretty good counter-poke :slight_smile: