Sakura's Offline Play

(Everybody who can add to this thread with your own opinions or stories about this subject)

Believe me gentlemen, playing Sakura offline and online are two different stories… I probably win 70-75% of my matches with Sakura online whether it’s in Championship Mode or against some good player on my friends list :blah:


Everybody knows the game of SF is two totally different games online and offline. If you have never experienced higher level offline play… then wow… you are in for a rude awakening. Anyway I can barley win with Sakura offline. My offline friends are pretty good . Not evo champs or anything, but they aren’t push overs and play very smart and efficient. I just want my fellow SRK Sakuras, who mostly play online, to know that you guys really have to step your Sakura play up if you want to win with her in tourneys. Try your hardest to get up with offline players who are better than you in the game. Your online shenanigans won’t work offline as much on smart players. The hardest thing is to even be in the position to start shenanigans. I feel like I am relearning Sakura, and its frustrating :bluu: But I’ll get better.

Funny Story: My main, Chun Li, wins offline more than online. ONLINE & OFFLINE PLAY ARE 2 DIFFERENT BALL GAMES. I know I am way better with Chun but don’t know if I should play her or Sakura in my next tournament.

You are just figuring this out? Online is garbo.

No I’m not, I figured this out with my Chun… I just want to highlight it for all the new SRK folks who only play online… I just wrote my post in a way that SRK friendly to “online only/mostly” players.

Story time

So I play my friends offline and stuff…

Just kidding; I don’t have any friends. :’(

Anyone who has played fighting games before is going to immediately see the difference upon their first few matches. Online is nothing more than a tool to gain some small match up exp and play with some friends. It’s not remotely close to a good barometer to use as practice/measure of skill. Especially for a character like sakura where if you are playing her correctly and doing the right combos you have to rely on 1 frame links. Online should only be used for fun for the most part imo.

Yeah, but for those who don’t have any offline GOOD competition (or anybody to play with at all), I’m just telling you guys to find some!!! Or in the very least don’t expect to win at all in tourneys… Honestly the offline computer in arcade mode can be more realistic of offline play than online vs. humans… well sometimes :rofl:

What exactly are these shenanigans?

3S online is pretty good for tournament training if you don’t have offline comp =) Though nobody plays that anymore at tournaments anyways =( It’s how I used to practice :tup:

SF4 horseshit online won’t work offline simply 'cause of those damn links that require lagless timing. People who think they’re awesome 'cause they’re good online don’t realize they’re the best of the worst =\ Move onto the next stage or go home and be a family man.

Sakura’s mix up game. Online it almost guarantees you a win. Offline it just makes the playing field semi-fair for a Sakura.

Also the game pace is slower kind of… or something. People play smarter offline so its more tit for tat ish offline sometimes.

You play SF3 on 2df? Hows the lag on there?

which is why I dont play sakura online lol… when your BnB has a one frame link it’s not going to end well for you online most of the time haha

Also, that netcode is gdlk for 3s!

Final edit; Wheelie I donno wtf you are talking about… offline makes her game BETTER because of her mixups… online makes reversals even more random because of the input lag vs. mashing…

we had a sf4 machine at my work for a lil while and me and my friends played on it all the time. The best thing to do in that case it to get into their head with mind games. I used to buffer fake ultras and then just stand up and grab them and stuff. You really just have to either get into peoples heads or … get better at countering them. :smiley:

Strange… for me Online is superior.

I played SF2,3 and 4 with my friends first. Of course we were all scrubs though we didn’t know it. Now none of my friends play with me because they can’t win. I beat them now because I’ve been playing so much online, though when I play online I’m pretty much a scrub!

There are times when online is very close to offline, if you’re lucky :stuck_out_tongue: I use AI to practice my combos under “pressure” so it’s pretty easy for me to tell the difference when lag comes into play :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I agree that online makes her shenanigans even better, offline the opponent can actually react to it and deal with it with control rather than relying on luck with lag or a screw up. Yes there’s the possibility of random reversals due to input lag and mashing but there’s the fact that sometimes a reversal doesn’t come out when you want it to or nothing happens due to the same reason of input lag and you just end up getting smashed, more likely input lag will destroy you more so than save you, e.g. sakura does EX SBK followed with Jumping FK shit, you try to reverse it by teleporting or DPing upon landing, it doesn’t come out, you get smashed. There are times where you just block and it doesn’t block.

That’s just looking at it unrealistically. No one’s gonna attempt to play seriously if the lag is that bad. It would affect the Sak player in the same it would affect the other, meaning no mixups.

Lag makes online shenanigans/guessing games better than offline shenanigans… because its harder to react in the smartest way in lag.

Of course this is my experience. Maybe my offline comp is just so good that its their fault offline shenanigans have a lower success rate. But I think its more than just that reason. Lag is another.

you guys seriously think lag is to your advantage? its harder to do anything with lag, even your shenanigans will be off. Not to mention how hard it is to do your BnB combo, your chance of landing an EX tatsu is pretty low

When it comes to playing Online, lag makes you choose a different character. Ryu and blanka are easier to play online. Offline is where Sak shines.

I don’t even like playing online so lag is not an “advantage”. But imo and for me the lag causes my opponent to play worse vs. Sakura. What I am saying is that, for me, I dominate online with Sakura and offline play needs work.

Funny though, my main is Chun Li and I dominate with her offline and her online play is not as good. Is there nobody who think online Sakura is easier than off!!! Damn, I’m was always the weird one… :rolleyes: