Sakura's Offline Play

If you can believe, I actually had a Ryu accuse me of causing lag. I’m using Sakura for fack sakes, what advantage do I get?

online is garbage

Ryu’s have it to F***IN easy. They don’t know the risk/reward ratio we have as Sakura players.

ding ding ding we have a winner thanks for playing everybody!

Also bonus points to Zack Austin! Another winner!

Heh for Ryu lag = LP SRK spam for free!

It can go to your advantage if you get the shenanigan through. It’s pretty much a double edged sword, it can also screw you up in combo execution etc.

So you’d rather lower your chances of getting the shenanigan through, give yourself a double edge sword, and a higher chance of screwing up your combo after a shenanigan. I don’t see how this is to your advantage :sad:

I didn’t think people “reacted” to shenanigans anyways, those aware of it would try to guess what you’re doing beforehand or use an escape method that works most or all of the time, must like El Fuerte’s wake-up game.

Of course there’s those people who just spam SRKs and that doesn’t end good for you :frowning:

I only realised not even two weeks ago that most of my losses were due to input delay lag. I now only play people with 3 bars+ on ranked and Champ and I suddenly won a whole lot more even though I was making lots of mistakes with the fight stick. Last weekend I went to see an old friend and I brought SF4 and I went from 0 to 2000 BP in ranked mode in three hours! All the XBOX fights were perfect connection and I was using my PS3 pad with my new adaptor.

On my main PS3 account I have never even had more than 1700 BP and I played that ALOT when I first got this game only I didn’t know WTF I was doing and I was playing with lag.

You’ll be surprised of how many people have seen Sabre’s match videos and know how to counter her mixup game.

I use her mix-up game a lot…and ppl still don’t know what to do 80% of the time. However, i am wary of Shoto’s because of SRK…

Well they can’t counter it if the Sakura user is actually mixing it up. Not unless they are really lucky at guessing games or they are mind readers… or the Sakura user just keeps trying the exact same method which then means it isn’t a mix up, its just a telegraphed set of moves.

Its best against the shoto’s. Just block the whiffed srk and continue :slight_smile:

Not just shotos, Sagat, Cammy, Fei Long and maybe even Gouken (he’s semi-shoto I guess). Sakura’s EX Shou on reversal eats through any ground based shenanigans. Reckon quite a lot of characters have a reversal that will either smack Sakura or get them out, if it means making them use an EX just to get out then it’s not a complete loss at least.

Saying that it is harder to get the reversal on it than it seems, at least when I tried in practice I didn’t get it all the time through mashing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll do the cross under trick all the time if they don’t catch on to it :stuck_out_tongue: You can ask Crazycat about that hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody, try some high level play OFFLINE. Thats my point of this whole thread I started. To encourage online players to play OFFLINE. Then you will gain a whole new experience and stop saying things like “they can’t counter if Sakura is actually mixing up” or “80% of the time they dont know what to do”. Thats crazy talk.

People “don’t know what to do” most of the time? Wow… you need better comp. man. Its not your fault but you are not getting your brain exercised enough with players of this caliber. I would stop playing Championship Mode and stick to inviting the top players on your friends list for some player matches… Or playing high level casuals OFFLINE.

I’ve seen videos where Sabre rarely had a successful mix up… He would be able to Ex Tatsu sure… [media=youtube]TT2EOoxdT6g[/media] Its all about the competition and I think you are just playing ignorant players (not that you want to) and I just have a different experience because I choose not to play bad players, unless I am teaching them… And you are right, sometimes its best to telegraph moves.

PS: I don’t claim to be a tournament beast either, so I’m not an expert in your experience, I am just explaining my experience. :nunchuck:

EDIT: To anyone who just says online is garbage is not adding to the thread… we all know that and don’t dispute it. I just thought this thread could be a reminder to XBL or PSN players to play offline more often if they want to get tournament ready.

i do play quite a bit of ppl from these boards from time to time, but it’s true i rarely play offline only because i don’t know that many ppl who play around here.

If your Sakura shenanigans are not bearing fruit, then it’s time to switch them up. Against non-fat characters, j.Roundhouse is ridiculously ambiguous. Instead of that weak j.Short, try j.Roundhouse instead.

So you think if he was online it would have worked 50% of the time?

A mix up is a mix up my friend. I am no pro either but a mix up in SF4 is like a Poker hand. You can never be sure so you have to guess or try to read the opponents mind just like with the wake up game. Online Poker and Offline Poker are the same game except for lag.

Stop going on about high level offline play it is still the same game and teh same rules apply online and offline.

Here is the standard Sabre mix up I’ve seen in vids from EX Tatsu:

EX Tatsu> s.lp> dash/ no dash>>c.lp>c.hp> blah blah

So how many ways can you mix this up? Many many many many ways is the answer.

EX Tatsu> etc for reset >

EX Tatsu> (reset move) > (dash to cross optional)> Throw
EX Tatsu> (reset move) > (dash to cross optional)> Block> Combo of your choice
EX Tatsu> (reset move) > (dash to cross optional)> Neutral Jump>

EX Tatsu> (reset move) > Throw
EX Tatsu> (reset move) > Block
EX Tatsu> (reset move) > Neutral Jump>

Now you can make it more interesting like this:

EX Tatsu> (reset move) > (Dash/no dash)> Start combo but break it by: Block/FA/Throw/ Neutral Jump/ Back dash

etc etc You can even throw in an ultra or super somewhere.

Endless possibilities. You tell me how this mix up game is any better or worse on or offline asides from lag?

You guys Dash/no dash for mixup? No wonder it’s not working for you =\ Why not dash / dash?

Going back to what the Op is talking about, most of the mixups I see from other Sakura videos aside from some very sneaky ones Sabre does would get shit on by tournament players. Since they are not feasible against the caliber of people I play against offline, that forces me to learn new ways to get 'em for a true 50/50. That’s what mix-ups are; you have to make them guess, not “insight” or anything like that. Insight or Yomi on your part could help move the 50/50 to something like 60/40 but it will never be something ridiculous like 80/20.

I was simply saying that there are lots of options.

I saw one video of Sabre against A juicebox guy who played Abel and Sabre never once did the dash cross under and the Abel guy blocked nearly all the attempts. Perhaps we (me and wheelie) are talking about the same video. He must have been well aware that Juicebox knew the cross under so he decided to try his ‘yomi’ and catch the guy unawares by attacking from the front after the reset. I can’t say, why not ask the man himself? He posts here I think or maybe its someone else with a similar name.

Why not dash / dash ? Because then they will always know to block the other way I suppose. You guys are making me question myself now. What is the true meaning of a ‘mix up’? And how can a mix up that works online work less offline? Lag and skill of the opponent aside.

There’s setups where you can dash and be on the same side as opposed to the dash where you end up on the other side =\ Also, if you’re going to use the j.Short reset make sure you hit it high so your character falls just below the crossup point of the character, that way you can make it more ambiguous as you can just walk forward or backwards for mixup. If you guys want I can make a video of all the mixups I know o.o;