SAkura's: what is up with this block string?

I use Honda/Sim/Dudley. This dude I play is what I would consider a pretty bad ass Sakura. Not just because he bodies me in this game but because he adapts really well etc.

anyway i digress.

once in a while he pop out a block string that is something like cr lp XX lk shuunpukyaku and he will continue to do this until block stun pushes him too far away to have him connect with the cr lp. Is that string safe? Most of the time I just sit there and block without putting out a cr tech because shit, the shunnpyukyaku is 0 frame advantage on block so with my character choices i can’t really counter hit or stop this string… or am i grossly underestimating some of my options here? i mean the 3 characters at my disposal have no 3 frame reversal options, and at best, their 3 frame normals will trade maybe with sakura?

Is the only option to just sit there and block until itsout of distance? Just wondering if this is a valid and very useable blockstring by sakura players or if i’m just not recognizing how to get past the gimmick.

The moment she does the tatsu you can punish but when the tatsu hits you have to be patience and read him well enough to punish him later.

Honda: buttsplash, EX headbutt, maybe normal headbutt, backdash.
Sim: Teleport, lk slide is pretty good, backdash, super, ultra.
Dudley: EX Srk, counter move, short swing blow, backdash.

Probably other options, I don’t know those characters that well, she could probably OS shouoken/sweep your backdash. But it’s just a basic frame trap, she could do the same thing (as with most characters) doing standing jab, walk 7 frames, standing jab, walk 7 frames, etc.

Btw her lk tatsu has such slow startup, you can stuff it with anything after the jab anyway.

SO i punish in between the crlp and tatsu then? if i know for sure he’s going with tatsu, i stick out something as i recover from block stun from jab? I generally suck with getting my offense started during my opponent’s rushdown anyway. I just block everything, not knowing whether or not i really can get a counter hit.

I just don’t see why this fundamentally works.

cr lp has 3 frame startup, and is +4 on block. lk tatsu is 16 frame startup 0 on block. does the cancelling of the cr lp into tatsu remove any more frames or do i legitimately have 12 frames to react? (ie. 16 frame startup-4 frame advantage from jab). all regular buttsplashes are +14 startup…If it works, it shouldn’t. or am i missing something in this analysis?

looking through the frame data says headbutts are 8-9 frames startup so that should beat it cleanly?

Maybe i need to just poke around more with trying to counter hit after i’ve blocked a normal. its tricky with sakura though because like u say that standing jab, standing jab cont… frame trap is difficult to deal with too! and that is a true frame trap with no option for my reversal, just tech or throw correct?

Well the cr.lp will be plus 6 if cancelling into lk tatsu, still giving you 10 frames out of block stun. You gotta remember that the lk tatsu is sorta of a low crush so crouching short might whiff. But you are forgetting about invincibility frames. For instance EX headbutt has 8 invincibility frames so you would beat jab spam with it, ll buttsplash has 12 frames of invincibility so that will get you through it as well.

Thank you mason i think that answers my question. Where can i find information on how many frames moves have when they are cancelled? and how many frames does it take to jump (become airborne) and throw?

How to read Frame Data/

Sakura’s Frame Data

First links for teh n00b3rzzzzzzzz

punish after the tatsu because 9 put of 10 times a sakura will follow up with something

THose links don’t show the change in frame data when moves are cancelled into each other. But thanks anyway.

I’m looking for how to counter these things without using moves with invincibility frames… that means I guess, using cr jab/short during the startup of the tatsu. Anyway thanks for all your help.

Well when a move is cancelled, you are cancelling whatever active frame you are on and skipping the recovery. So when you do the jab and cancel to the tatsu, by looking at the frame data: cr.jab is +1 on block, but that includes the 6 recovery frames and 2nd active frame, so really if you cancel you will be +8 when your cancelled move starts up. LK shunpu has a 16 frame startup so you will have 8 frames to hit her before her LK shunpu is active, though since it goes off the ground (I haven’t looked at the hitbox, I should get a hold of it) throw probably won’t work.

All normal throws are 3 frame startup and you have 3 prejump frames unless you’re gief (and maybe sim I can’t remember). As soon as you get into any prejump frames, you can’t be grabbed so you could technically hold up just before gief does an ultra, then seeing yourself still on the ground in his animation you can cancel your prejump frames into whatever special/super/ultra you want.

Just gotta use some basic math and have understanding of the frame data and you can work nearly everything out from it.

HISSS! You shall not have any more of Sakura’s Secrets! Begone, foul Honda player!