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Hey every1. I’m looking for these items for my TE stick:

Sanwa OBSF-30, Black/Black 30mm Push Button x 6
Sanwa LB-35 Solid Black Ball Top

If anyone has these available for sale, let me know! Make me an offer :slight_smile:

not sure if you are interested but I have Sanwa OBSF-30, Red/Black 30mm Push Button x 6

Thanks, but I nee

Thanks, but I need them Black/Black. Appreciate it though! :slight_smile:

i got you. 6 brand new black obsf + 1 new black lb-35 balltop. $22 paypal shipped. gimme a min. and i’ll upload a pic


I got the following black items:
x2 black sanwa dust covers
x1 black sanwa shaft cover
x1 black sanwa ball top
x1 black bat top

Thanks, but theBAYsics beat you to it.