SALE OVER; Mods Please Close Thread! PS3 Marvel Vs Capcom 2 TE, Tekken 5 case, and various parts

Will post images for the items for sale later today plus a list of extra arcade parts I’m selling…

All items shipping only to confirmed US addresses.

Click on Thumbnail Pics for Closer Views…
MadCatz Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Tournament Edition joystick PS3 / originally GameStop exclusive
Very gently used, comes in original box with all packing material. Maybe 3-4 hours use in total. Original configuration (original colors, JLF). Asking $150 – includes shipping plus delivery confirmation.

Sega Saturn USB pad – compatible with PS3/Mac/PC. Works with Vanguard Princess, MAME, most emulator programs, etc. Recommend that you use X-Padder for PCs with AMD/Nvidia chipsets. It will enable functionality with most emulator programs. $33 with shipping included.
(9) 30mm Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons --with SW-68 switches, modded (tabs shaved) for plexiglass; asking $2.00 a piece; 3 Dark Hai, 1 Black, 3 Red, 1 Green, 1 Yellow
All red buttons SOLD to Bad Boy Brazil…

Sega Genesis Console Bundle[SIZE=3][/SIZE]
Genesis Mark II bundle. (Sorry, no earplug jacks in this model!) This system edition release included Vectorman as the pack-in game (pictured to the left of the console). Standard cables include RF modulator for old non-stereo input TV’s plus the standard power pack/adaptor. 3-button standard Genesis control pad part of the standard equipment, too.
Second picture shows the RF modulator a lot of us used before the our families (or ourselves) bought TV sets with decent video/stereo input. Third pic shows a closer view of the power pack with a standard composite cable (A/V stereo cable) by it. I’ve heard SCART cables are available to make the Genesis games look a bit better on HDTV but I have no experience in that area… Most HDTV sets still include composite plug-in ports (but older system/video devices look awful on HDTV). You get what I have in the pics here. Fourth picture shows an extra A/V cable (mono-audio video) and an extra power pack/adaptor that I believe belonged to a 32X I used to own… That 32X was one of a bad production bunch and died after a few months… I wouldn’t recommend using the larger power pack/adaptor pictured here with the Genesis, though — just to be on the safe side!
Last but not least, the last two 16-bit cart games (besides Vectorman) that I still have. First is Earthworm Jim in a cardboard box reissue and next to him is an old style plastic keep-case Boogerman cart – a reminder of a time when videogame companies understood kids destroyed things if they weren’t built to withstand battleship shelling! Earthworm Jim was one of the best 16-bit games released on SNES or Genesis and I believe that the Genesis version is generally the best version of the game released. (Only reason I don’t say the Sega CD is better is because — WAIT FOR IT ---- WAIT FOR IT ---- WAIT FOR IT ---- WAIT FOR IT— = load times!) An extra level not in the SNES, no noticeable slowdown, better controller response, and better arranged music and sound effects make this one the better cart version to own, IMHO… Plus it was a hell of a lot harder to finish than the SNES version which slowed down all the time! lol Boogerman is also a nasty-sounding game which is unique in its hygiene. Very good platformer, too! Instructions are still in the boxes in pristine condition (at least how the store sold them to me). Last, but not least, two more six-button controllers. On the left, the (in)famous Capcom Soldier Pad released around the time of Super Street Fighter II on the Genesis/SNES and the six-button Sega Genesis that became real popular when Mortal Kombat I was released on the system!
System’s barely been used since I’ve owned and generally has sat in dry storage in my dwelling spaces… Nice, near-mint condition. Manual and care-for instructions included with Mk II Genesis system.

Asking $40 for the Genesis bundle with shipping included. 48 Continental States only unless somebody wants to pay extra on the shipping… Everything will be packed into a larger box with plenty of cushioning so nothing gets flattened during shipping.

Thank you mods in advance for deleting this thread… Sale is over! Thank you!

UPDATE: I’ll put this in the original post, too.

I should have mentioned I can only ship to the US.
Sale pending on JLF…

I’ll take all of those octogates, but before I take them, I want to see what other parts you will put up. Thanks.


Pictures put up for most items…

5 Octogates held for previous IM’er;
rest of octogates held for lunch_hotdogs

You know what… scratch that…
I’ll take 2 octo gates, and the 3 circular gates. I didn’t read that before… PM me your paypal.

$6+$4.50 = $10.50 shipped?

So include that on my 5 octs gates and 3 red buttons

I want that t5 case!!

Ill take 2 octogates with the spare octo-ring too, and the yellow seimitsu balltop please. PM me your paypal. (6+2.5)

It’s already taken tho. I’m just waiting for him to pm me with his Pay Pal.

Oh, my bad.

Well, between me and Brazil, we took 2 and 5 respectively… There should be 1 left, as well as an inset, so yeah…

If it’s available, I’ll take the octo-ring insert and the last octagonal gate. If the seimitsu yellow balltop is still available, Ill take that too please.

For some reason I can’t start a conversation or find a PM for your SRK membership…

Try PM’ing for the PayPal details. I just can’t get to you on SRK and I’d prefer to keep my PayPal address private to avoid mayhem…

I’ll hold onto the items for you in the meantime until 2:00 PM EST tomorrow.

Did you get my pm?


I think I got in contact with everyone who wrote on the thread or started a conversation with me/PM’d except lunch_hotdogs.
I think I marked everything sold/reserved so far.

Lunch, you might have to hotmail me… Should be a link to send me a message via hotmail or you’ll have to give an e-mail address to send to because I can’t get to you through SRK for some reason…

George, that isn’t actually working for me… IDK what’s up, but just send me an email

Replied to your email. Did you get the payment?

Where are the pictures for the Genesis?

I’ll get the Genesis pics up in a bit… Sorry! Just a bit overwhelmed with a bit of a head cold and getting caught up to see who to ship stuff to.

I think I got everybody covered in my list so far. Gonna start shipping things tomorrow…

T5 shell is still up for sale… Reserver backed out.

Slight markdowns on the T5 case and Marvel Vs Capcom TE for PS3 joystick…

UPDATE: Genesis console bundle pictures are up.

Cool, so you got my payment, yes?