Salem Fight Day


Having battles once again today across all consoles/games, if you’re in the area come on by and get your licks in.

Text me at Five Zero Three - Eight Six Eight - Eight Two One One for directions.


Ok guys, looks like more we’re setting up for another day of fighting. You know the deal, the more the merrier!


Another round of battles for today. You know the drill.

BTW next week I’m getting MK9, which consoles are you guys preferring? I’m thinking PS3 as that’s will be at EVO. What bothers me is that I’m reading Kratos will be banned. I’d like some suggestions please.


Another day of battles today. We decided on PS3 version of MK9, game comes out at midnight tonight. We’ll probably get it and play for a bit for the night owls in the crew.


Moving to salem again soon. I mostly rock SSF4. You guys do a fight night thing? I’ve been going to BestBout tuesdays up in portland and am looking for something similar.



Speaking as the reigning champ of Salem:coffee:, ( :rofl: Kevin you are still a tight dude )
I dont make it out to these because of inconvenience.
I dont drive and live on the exact opposite side of town. You guys have been gracious enough to offer me a ride which I recognize and appreciate but we are in the middle of the college term and I just cant spend all day playing video games.
If I was able to drive myself IE being able to leave when I wanted to I would make it out every now and again.
I guess I just figured I owed you guys some sort of explanation seeing as I haven’t even responded to your offers thus far.


Just to update, Salem Fight day has changed now to bi-weekly SUNDAYs. That’s right I’ve gotten another schedule change. So instead of Mondays we have Sundays ALL DAY to play. I’m also open to doing something during the week as bi-weekly I have Wednesday and Thursday off.

My schedule is like this: Weekends off, Wed-Thurs off, Weekends off, Wed-Thurs off… You get the idea. Right now we’re gearing up for EVO with SSF4, MVC3, MK9 play.

BTW thanks Ronnicle, you’re always welcome to come through. We enjoy your company and I acknowledge you as the SF4 King(Marcus is currently the A3 King, he beasted us pretty hard). Anyway I hope you can make it someday again, I’m sure we can work something out. I don’t mind giving a ride. I remember how grueling college can be. Short on dough, short on time.

So we’re gaming Sunday the 8th. Bring your A game as EVO is rght around the corner!!!


What part of town do you live in Ronnicle and what part of town do you guys do this at? Probably wouldn’t be a big deal for me to pick you up and drop you off when you wanted to head out. The 8th is mothers day are people really gonna blow off their moms to come out? I’m covering for somebody sunday but I could swing by after that.


I’m down in South Salem, actually off River Rd. More than welcome to join us TrueKing. Come by as late as you’d like. We play for quite a long time, so just give me a text when you’re coming through.


I’m on the north end right off 258 but nothing in salem is very far. If I don’t end up with a date tomorrow night then I’ll swing by.


That’s right by Ronnicle. You can actually see exit 258 from there. Best way to get here from there is take exit 253 off I-5 and head west off Mission(22). Then you make a left turn at Commericial. Then a right at Owens, you’ll see a White’s, “Straight from NY” pizzeria. Follow down until you pass the train tracks and you’ll come across “Bailey Ridge”. Keep going, make a right at Rouge. Then another right at Aberdeen. You’ll be there.


Let’s see if we can get a session tomorrow night(18th). Text me when you’re on your way, hopefully I won’t get called out to work


Sorry I haven’t been posting guys. Been busy with other factors(work, girlfriend), but it looks like we’re good to go again. AE’s been released and I’m trying to get into the game(thanks Postalboy). Of course we’ll play other games too! We may be able to do something tonight depending on turnout but I’ve noticed we have a consistent four guys in Salem(Monstro, Postalboy, Gen.Uile, and myself), I’d like to get more players into the fray so we can all benefit and share knowledge and level up.

If anyone has any questions of when and where we play, please contact me at Five-Zero-Three-Eight-Six-Eight-Eight-Two-One-One.