Saltier than the sea!

Hey guys,

I have serious anger issues (especially in MVC3) and it is coming to the point where it’s not only affecting my gameplay, but also affecting the fun factor of the game.

Does anybody have any methods I could use to fight this?

Seek a therapist?

choose between these two

1.- dont play mvc3, if they ask you why, you just say im waiting umvc3 or mvc3 sucks

2.- Use a phoenix team, or any cheap team that you can come up with, this game is about cheapness, like old f*cking times

Get better. I get hella salty when I lose to dumb shit, but it happens a lot less now that I know how to avoid losing to dumb shit(win with dumber shit)

Take deep breaths between each match.

Works for me sometimes.


Hope that UMvC3 won’t be as shitty?


Play dirty teams. Works for me.


Play a really cheap team. If you feel like you have to work harder than your opponent to win, you’re playing a bad team.

Pick Wesker/Phoenix.

You won’t get mad anymore.

Well, there’s your problem.

Can o’ Biss.