Hey guys, I have a ton of down time recently and I’m always on looking for people to fight. I mainly play Arcade edition and UMVC3, but I also spend a lot of time on HDremix, SFxT, and third strike as well. I’m decent at persona 4 and MK9 but don’t spend as much time with them lately (I should to mix it up a bit).

I’m lookin to start taking mvc2 seriously next week, but as it is now, I’m totally new and terrible. If you want a punching bag for some mvc2 matches, or any of the other games I listed, add me at SaltTheDead (all one word) on Xbox live. I’m looking to spend a lot of time learning and practicing mvc2 so if you want some easy wins, just add me. No need to reply here, just send a request on Xbox live and shoot me a request to play whenever you want. Thanks.