Salty Battles Weekly IV results

[LEFT]32-man bracket[/LEFT]

[LEFT]1 FC Chris G [/LEFT]
[LEFT]2 Wet Bucket [/LEFT]
[LEFT]3 Josh Wong [/LEFT]
[LEFT]4 Random James [/LEFT]
[LEFT]5 Mike Infinite [/LEFT]
[LEFT]5 DM Brandon [/LEFT]
[LEFT]7 Kattermari [/LEFT]
[LEFT]7 BLK Hurricane [/LEFT]
[LEFT]9 Zerk [/LEFT]
[LEFT]9 Ultimizer [/LEFT]
[LEFT]9 Jeff Sledge [/LEFT]
[LEFT]9 Tonik [/LEFT]
[LEFT]13 Ether [/LEFT]
[LEFT]13 Sergio [/LEFT]
[LEFT]13 TheraFlu [/LEFT]
[LEFT]13 Blitz [/LEFT]
[LEFT]17 J Rosa [/LEFT]
[LEFT]17 Damian [/LEFT]
[LEFT]17 Joe [/LEFT]
[LEFT]17 Zaichiek[/LEFT]


Videos have been up since this morning… but for some reason they wont post the playlist on the front of SRK… I guess Local Battles isn’t “legit” in their eyes.