Salty Conflict Online #8 Tournament Results

This week’s SCO had some very heavy hitters, including FNEX Shine, CEO Jebailey, White Gun, PJS Ramen Addict and Chris Hu. Thanks to all who watched and competed.

  1. xWAx SALPACINO (Adon)
  2. Xsk_Samurai (Ryu)
  3. Chris3495 (Ken)
  4. PJS|Red (Yun)

The SCO is a $100 free-entry Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament, which starts at 9pm EST. To sign up, view the tread posted below.

Next weeks SCO may be cancelled. For more updates, view the thread.

Me vs My foot tripping over internet wire right before my 2nd match is a 0-12 matchup. :confused: Oh well, good tournament.

good shit to me being a heavy hitter in the tournament that wasnt in the tournament XD

I thought you were in one of the brackets?