SaltyRunback.Com is looking for Online SF4 players. Weekly custom tournaments


We are looking for friendly yet competitive online players for daily sparring and weekly tournaments

All skill levels welcomed as our goal is to provide an open environment for everyone to learn and improve their fundamentals and skills.

We will be streaming and uploading tournaments aswell as providing a forum to discuss anything fighting game related.

Come on, get salty!!


Ok, ill try it out.


sounds good, any questions just let me know, happy to help :slight_smile:


You already know I’m in RetPetty. I really hope we can get a good group of people of all skill levels.


same here man :slight_smile: be nice to get a full endless lobby or 2


shout out to Opie and Jinnex (Livius) for becoming the latest members to SRB :slight_smile:


we still recruiting if anyones looking for a team/club to join


I’m so down for this