Salvadore Dali Av request, Please

I have an interesting idea for anybody who likes Dali, and street fighter.

Take his painting, ‘Couple with their heads full of clouds’, and simply change the guy on the left’s silouette to look more like Akuma(basically giving him the hair), and the guy on the rights to look like Ryu(basically give him some shaggy hair and a head band). The backround can just be simple black sky with stars(little white dots).
I think it would kind of symbolize somebody good, giving up and crossing over to the dark side.
This av would be for me, and I’m a member of team hate now so if you could add a little team hate thing in the corner that would be dope.
E-mail it to,

here’s the painting…it’s about halfway down the page:


:clap: :clap: :clap: at your idea hope someone can do this

asked Alee to do this av so it’s not necessary that anyone reply to this thread,
but I’d like to keep the thread open cause I gave Alee a link to it on his thread

alee and monkey aren’t doing it.

Alee said this avatar would be hard to make. WHy is that?

Anybody one take a shot??? :tup:

Pretty much as you described you wanted it:

Lol… Just realised that I fukked up on the left and right
thing in this av.

Think it was cuz the right one had the dark clouds.

nice, thanx dude! edit it if you like, but this is quite fine!