Sam Jackson as Nick Fury in the upcoming Iron Man movie?

Been posted on AICN 3 days ago:

…War Machine!?

Then they can do Sam Jack War Machine spin-offs!


Sam Jackson as Nick Fury proves that there is a merciful god.

Marvel ftw…lets see what top tier mavel characters havent they made a movie out of yet? next up should be Captain America

already been done in the 60’s i think…lol.

although an updated one is long overdue.


i was hoping for danny glover but this is just as good

Actually the ultimate version of Nick Fury is modeled after Sam Jackson

only one man truly deserves to be Nick Fury

He even said himself that Sam Jackson should play himself in a movie version for The Ultimates.

Nick Fury better drop the MF bomb once or twice and start talking about snakes on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. :rofl:

Big fan of the old school Nick Fury of 616 but Samuel Jackson’s a great actor and the Ultimate version is based on him so good choice. :tup:

There’s a Captain America movie in development. Just about every major Marvel comic you can think of has a movie in development. They are making moves lol!

Nah, Dean Martin > David Hasselhoff when it comes to 616 Fury.

you guys know marvel movies are essentially just what-if stories right? theirs no real concept of continuity in these movies…hence its ok for sam jackson to be nick fury.

Despite Ultimates 1 and 2 being slow as hell, I will always thank heaven for Hitch, drawing Ultimate Fury as one of the iconic actors of our time. If this serious, I expect to see an Nick Fury movie out before long, followed quickly by 616 Fury becoming black.