Sam Sho V SP

Anyone play this? Didnt find another thread for it and ppl seems to want it for ggpo.

There’s a small community on Kaillera that plays. Many are quite good. God’s particularly good at this

How do i play Zankuro?

He’s selectable on the screen, no code needed.
More then likely, you have the wrong ROM.

Haha i was talking matchups, combos and strats.

Zank has a great air defense crouch fierce, and his fireball hits low, but he really doesn’t have a whole lot- the bosses are considered the bottom tier mostly (Amakusa’s mid though)

Allow me to be the troisime personne dans la thread.

This game is pretty darn cool and more people should play it. To reiterate what others have said, this is game is REALLY balanced and has great depth in high level play.

Don’t let SNK’s last NG game die!

This game is probably one of the most well-balanced ever, in terms of number of characters capable of winning tournaments; people don’t even agree on who the best character is, IIRC. Very counter-pick heavy ala ST, so it really pays to learn multiple chars.

Really, the game as a whole is about old-school 2D fundamentals, and it’s less execution-heavy than any other “modern” fighter.

Here are some search results from Youtube to get you started:サムライスピリッツ零special&search_sort=video_date_uploaded

The search terms should still be in the bar, so just add a character name in there if you want to get more specific.

We should post info for P2P stuff. My AIM is available right under my name, and I have just about every emulator out there but prefer nFBA.


SSVP wont die…trust me…the revolution will begin once Samurai Spirits Collection hits PS2 be it Japan on America…trust me on this…

It really is an excellent game though…Tenka and SSVSP are two different games by far and away.

-Dark Geese

Man, now my interest in this game has been reinvigorated. Looks like I’ll have to dust off my Yoshitora and Suija and learn how to not suck.

The main problem with the game is that it’s not SS2… and a lot of hardcore SS fans have issue with that. I have it for my cab and it doesn’t get much play, due most everyone else in my area’s preference to SS2… so I don’t have a lot of comp and I have a hard time playing SS games against the computer… it’s just boring and no fun.

Like DG said, once it gets a PS2 release it will help. It’s a good game and my second favorite SS game behind SS2…

I havent played samsho 5sp i think yet. I only played SS5 but I support this thread!

rolls up sleeves and gets ready to tear into this thread, i am gona spread some knowledge about this game even though at this time i feel like its a waste of time.

zankuro- ive heard arstal and god call him a ONE TRICK PONY and i agree. He has really good anti air which is down AB. with zank you wanna play like a tank dont move much, but ounce you see an oppening you must deliver the death blow. His best option is he can cancel blocked ab into any of his attacks. It really gets pretty tricky. My one prob with zank and its the main reason i dont use him is he can only go so far. And i am not gona explain this cause it would take to long but if you serious about ss5sp i wouldnt use zank as your main.

I don’t really care about tiers. Also balanced games don’t have tiers.
Only characters that i like in 5sp is genjuro, zankuro and tam tam.

use genjuro then

cool, well thats fine, together they have good balance tam tam(far) genjuro(close) zank (med range) .

alot of asians say genjuro is one of the best poeple, tam tma is very underated but he is very good i use him pretty well even vs bad match ups like vs hoamaru.

tamtam- His best move hands down is AB while rising, mainly cause it hits ducked opponents. ANd it takes aton. If you switch from AB while rising and down ab it makes a really good mix up game with tam. Tam tams main weakness is his slow jump. You wanna limit jumping with tam tam when you opponent is close.

genjuro is one of the few combo characters in ss5sp, he also has acouple unblockable set ups

qcb any slash(card move)hold any slash so card bounces. Right when card hits opponent second time you can do down med or running med as unblockable combo. His projectile is pretty sick actully but i dont use genj so i couldnt give detailed stuff about him.

Oh thanks. I’ll sprinkle some green when i have spread around some more.

SSVSP is mostly well balanced, but there are a few chars who are very hard to make decent. I’d say the bottom tier in SSVSP is about as strong as Cammy in ST. (In other words, BAD, but not Sean 3s Bad)

Anyone have any Haohmaru strategies? I’m new to the game.

What client do people usually play this on? It kind of works weird with my mame 32k (0.64).