"Same" skill selected and I face people 800 points higher than me. WTF?

So, apparently I’m a noob, cause I’m sitting at 0 skill rating, and as in the title, I selected the “same” skill setting. However, I get matched up with people that are 800 points higher than I am. Hell, I dont even like facing people 200 points higher than me. IWhen I face other people with a 0-100 rating (which I would consider roughly the “same” skill range, I can win.). However, after that I get a 250 rated, 500 rated, 853 rated player after that… wtf why would they match an 850 against a 0 rated who selected “same” skill, not the option to play people better than them. Of course I’m going to lose to someone 850 points higher than me more often than I win, so that’s why I’m stuck at 0. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I want to raise to my natural point rating. If I’m rated 0 I want to play another 0, and if I win I move up rating. Then when I’m 50 I play another 50, and if I win I move up rating. Keep facing the same level people, and move up until I can’t move up anymore, and that is my natural rating. This system is broken when I face people higher than my current points. It doesn’t prove if I am better than the rating I am at or not. If I’m 300 and I face a 300, if I win I should go up, and if I lose I should go down. But if I’m 300 and I face an 850… I shouldnt lose any points if I lose, and I should gain A LOT of points if I win. I dont want to be a 0 and face 850. I dont want to face 850 unless I am 850. Thoughts?

bp is meaningless way to assess skill >.> a pro player could be starting with 0 bp. Anyway when it does same skill it puts you in fights with anybody in your same letter rank, which would be D and 850 points is still a D rank. The system is not broken, it would be near impossible to keep finding poeple with 0 bp to fight all the time therefore you need a somewhat decent range so that “same skill” poeple could always fight. You gain more if you fight poeple with a HIGHER RANK, so the system does work and if your really bad at the game then just keep playing until all the “pros” move out of the d rank range or you improve and then you can move up.

I understand your point but it’s not nessesarily true I had 1024bp then lost some down to 700 (bad day training) and the server had me facing people with 5000+ bp B and A ranked so in my mind it is broken when you want to play players in the same skill range now I’m still going to step my play up cuz I’ve been slipping and hit a wall figured out I was just bored with Balrog but it’s not registering the skill levels right

This just in, Matchmaking is flawed. More at 11.

Give it time and better players will move out, however this ranking system is a mix of BP and PP from SSF4 so you will fight rebounders from time to time.

BP is meaningless. I don’t know why anyone puts any stock into it.

Maybe there wasn’t anybody in your local area (aka with a decent connection) currently in the matchmaking process who also happened to select “same skill” who also happened to have 0-100BP, who also happened to be looking for a 3-round game etc. The search function probably tried to find an similar match and then starts branching out.

In any case, you only need to win like 3 games to get 180-240 BP. In a 1-hour session of playing points will fluctuate by the hundreds (once you’re able to keep any, that is).

Post some vids in the character forums that you use and get some pointers. Good luck.

[edit] Haha @ Hawking’s avatar, isn’t that some H game about disabled girls?

I’ve noticed this too. I have 2.6k BP (Yeah, I’m pro I know. I will be signing autographs outside later) and I can’t remember the last time I faced someone with more than 50 BP. I am not exaggerating at all, and it’s honestly unfair to the people I’m facing.

Matchmaking is broken in all games with a multiplayer function. It’s the console fault. Not Capcom.

i have a million points and maximum charisma and i feel sorry for everyone who is not me.

tldr: points don’t matter, you could play the game in endless mode for 5 years and have 0 points.

The problem with matchmaking is that it needs a large amount of people playing and SFXT splits up its community into 3 differences matchmaking networks Xbox live, PSN and the PC. (With PC being the smallest.)

Also the game just came out a couple weeks ago people are still getting the game.

I couldn’t care less about BP. It’s a dated and inaccurate mechanic of showing skill level, especially in games like Marvel 3.

Yes, you play Phoenix. You are so l33t. You deserve that Cosmic Lord ranking. MAHVELOUS.

lol, last night I was playing on same and got matched up against a 2400BP individual on my friend’s 250 BP nickname.

Somehow, I won, when I’m losing to folks that flail on their pads/sticks all day at 500.

I can’t even get into a Ranked Match. I’ve got an 18mbps wired connection, but I sit around for like 5-7 minutes trying to find a match, so I just stick with Endless. I’ve set it up for Any, Same Skill, More Skilled, and still no results :confused:

Oh, so now it’s like the arcade where you have to fight everyone regardless of skill level.

Wow, how dumb. Wait.

Good to know.
The SFIV took the same behaviour when got update to Arcade edition, and this is where I stopped playing.
Guess I won’t even start playing SFxT then.

Inb4 Capcom uses that excuse