Samir - The Cheater!


I’m posting this as a heads up for the people that didn’t know about the cheating that the canadian players were doing at Evo East.

These guys had a modded anniversary edition controller that worked only on a specific PS2 that the canadians brought. Their plan was to bait players to play money matches/tournament games on their PS2 with their specific settings in favor of their characters (e.g. Yun). This guy Saamir (the canadian I encountered) would say that his controller doesn’t work on the PS2 at the stations (during the tournament) because there was something wrong with his controller connector but he would refuse to use another controller for personal reasons. Then when you went to play, he would plug in his controller first to test his controller and go straight to arcade mode (3rd strike was the game) so you would only be able to do button configuration but not be able to check the options. When I went to play the 3S match with him, I was already suspicious about this guy Saamir since we tested his controller at 4 stations but I respected his decision and gave him the benefit of the doubt. During the first game we played I noticed that the damage was strange but since I wasn’t 100% sure at that time, I played the following game to confirm it. After I loss the match, I quickly realized this scheme and went to tell Seth about it but since no Evo staff was present to see it happen, I had to take my loss.

So the next match that was up, was Justin Wong vs Saamir. I went to see if he would do the same routine of his with the broken controller with Justin and he did. At this point I knew I had to stop him. As Justin went to start his match, I grabbed Justin and whispered to him that Saamir was cheating and he had the settings set in his favor. As Justin went to start the game, he told Saamir that he wanted to check the game settings but he pretend to ignore Justin and just jump straight to arcade mode. After Justin got into the game options, we saw that the settings had not been default. This reaffirmed me and after Justin won, we went over to tell the Evo staff about this scheme. As Saamir went to the loser brackets, he had to fight Smoothcat but this time James Chen was there watching to confirm if Saamir would do this scheme and he did. After Saamir loss his match with Smoothcat, I decided to confront Saamir but I got nothing but a guilty expression. While I was confronting Saamir, Nagata quickly came to his defense and Nagata said there was no evidence of Saamir “cheating” or changing settings but when MrWizard ask Nagata about this matter, he told Joey that he had filmed my match with Saamir but when Joey asked Nagata to show this match so he could confirm if this matter was true or not, he refused. After Nagata refused to show the match, Joey and the other Evo staff decided to ban Saamir from Evo.

Later on, while I was talking with Arturo on the 2nd floor lobby. Nagata passed by and overheard us talking about the canadians and cheating. He came up to defend himself and I told him that I wasn’t blaming him for Saamir’s actions but his actions made me suspicious of him. After explanations and arguing, Nagata finally admitted to cheating and he said, “Let’s keep it real between the OG people here, yah we cheating”.



Man Henry Cen angry is !!!

Excellent players you played online

posting in legendary thread :sweat:


During alphaism radio, there were also claims that this increased damage setting was also used during Saamir’s MMs. If so… him getting banned is doing him a favor. Either way, this is reallll shady.


Holy shit. :shake:


Fuck this Saamir dude. If he tried that shit on me it would be GGPO.

Then the guy from Friday would stand over him going “You got knocked the FUCK OUT”.

Once again, fuck this dude. People like him are a disgrace.


Shit, joey bringing the motherfucking TRUTH. your canadian ass is D-D-D-D-Disqualified Forever !


someone neg repped me but gave me props in the decription! thanks…?


This thread is both epic and GDLK at the same time.


Was it just him, or were more people doing this?




Yeah, this was pretty bad. Damage was so screwed up in his favor, I heard even when he did Yun’s command throw, the opponent would die before he even started to combo.

Bad Canada. Bad.


canada lost my respect…
just practice dude, you guy cames miles away to do some shit like this. i know that fat dude nagata like leader of all those guy. I wouldn’t think these guys would do that,l but now you guys are a bunch of losers.


Wow because of a group of guys (From where? Toronto? if so then it’s all good, toronto is america Junior) no need to generalize to all of Canada :confused:


Definitely guys, as far as we know this is an isolated incident, and to blame all the Canadian players, some who placed at Evo East, who have travelled several times to major tournaments is a disrespect. As far as we know, only one person is to blame here (Samir, and I believe this is his first American tournament), and while I feel extremely sorry and angry for players like Cen and everyone else who had to play against Samir and was possibly cheated out of a win, pointing the finger at Canada in general is just going to create a backlash that is not necessary - please keep the blame where it’s due unless proven otherwise.



yea you right, i meant “The GTASF”


Yeah…Samir is the only person I had heard that was guilty of this at the event. It just sounds like something where one person tried to be shady enough to take advantage of a console tournament and see how far he could get without getting caught. I actually enjoyed the Canadian players that came out and played some good money matches with peepz like AnuerysmX (sp?) and JS Master. They’re a good set of players and it’s obvious that they definitely play with 100 percent fairness and skill.


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js cheats though. he has an ‘i-win’ button.

antoine needs more ex mgb!


it is a disgrace…Cen was 2 secs away from knocking that bitch out when he walked by during the 3s finals. lol

The peeps from Canada were cool as hell and then bitch boy goes and fucks it up…if Nagata knew something about it thats even worst. good shit for keeping your cool Cen


the best thing to do is to ban canada from all future tournaments

we don’t want those console terrorists destroying our freedoms