SamirLugel lucky wins and Ugly beats (PC ranked games vs B's and up)

Hello All, I’m starting battle log of Lucky wins and ugly defeats, with a Good, Bad and Ugly analisys of each match.

See below my first replay.

My first lucky victory against an A+ Ken.

THE GOOD: Ultra for cheap dmg at 1:48 forced ken to rush up a response.

Not punushing missed Shoryukens properly, throw is too weak, It should be at least ( -> backfist) *Slinkun

  • Walking back way too much* Slinkun
  • Tons of missed opportunities to AA with c.hp or *Slinkun
  • Hold your ground and throw more light booms. *Slinkun

THE UGLY: I’m not sure what really happened at 2:43, as Ken didnt punish my failed FK. He had a Ultra stoked so the match could have gone a different way. Oh well… :slight_smile:

Please help me to identify additional good, bad and ugly aspects of this game.

Thanks Slinkun for your comments, I’ve added them to the BAD section!

Additional videos will be available at the following playlist link