Sammy Arcade Sticks

I can get a sammy arcade stick for $50 this one I but I don’t want to waste the money if it isn’t worth it or I could also get a PSX2 Hori Fighting Stick 2
which one is better?

no one knows anything about these 2?

Someone’s no doubt going to rectify what I say, but Isn’t that the stick that uses the flash clone? or is that just the ascii dc one/ I’m sure I remember someone sating that fitting sanwa snap ins was easier on this. From what Ive played with a hori fs out of the box is pretty dire, it can be modded albeit not that easily, the buttons are standard horis which aint that good, they have a spongey feel to them, where as genuine sanwas feel more clicky.

The Sammy one is better.

Stay the hell away from the Hori Fighting Stick 2. I can tell you from experience that its a piece of crap. If that other one is anything like the Guilty Gear stick its miles better.