Sammy Art Mod!!!

Ok, I got this stick This one right here, and I want to change the art, I try 3 days of searching and there’s nothing, so I’m asking gently If somebody can make a template, do the art work or whatever thing that can help me to mod the stick.

So please, can someone safe a life here??

LOLz at your stick.

How about drilling a hole for a medium kick button?

Looks like an Ascii clone to me, templates for those should work. If you can’t find one, you may just have to print out a template, say a TE template, then mark where everything falls and customize it yourself.
Found this on, an ascii template. It should be close to yours, print something up and check:

Don’t understand the hate on this stick. Its a great layout for BB/GG/NeoGeo. Properly modded it could be a decent stick.

I think they are not familiar with the Guilty Gear series button lay-out.

The official Guilty Gear lay-out is like this:

Yup, Sammy made this around their cabs in Japan around '03, I think, maybe a bit before. Makes sense for GG and Blaz, not much sense for just about anything else, lol. I looked at getting one of these for my GG games, but fell out of fighting games at the time.

If you want a template. Take off the Metal Plate and throw it in a scanner. Bam! template.

I would drill in the MK button with a 30mm Holesaw.
It looks like it would work for TvC, Soul Calibur, DoA and Virtua Fighter, just not street fighter or Tekken.

Melty Blood has the 5-Button style too.
I use it to play.

I really think the Ascii template will work fine, with a couple of minor alterations.


I intent to play BB aside of GG, but for SF I use a Pad.

F…k!! Didn’t think about scaning the metal plate to get a template.

I’m working on that now, as soon as I get back the metal plate from a friend.

Also be posting pics on progress moding the stick :stuck_out_tongue:

OP came here by way of Dustloop (stick art thread there can get quite dead at times & we often refer people who have requests to come here to SRK), so it’s natural that the dude’s most likely a GG/BB player.