Sammy vs Capcom dream sprite


Well, I got excited when I heard Sammy was buying Sega. Why? because that means there’s a chance my favorite character of all time (Ulala) may be in Sammy vs. Capcom (whoohoo!)

I got so excited, in fact, that I went ahead and did a high-res sprite of Ulala the way she might look if such a thing were to pass.

I’m really damn proud of it, but I’m not sure what to do with it.
Since no screens of Sammy vs Capcom have been released yet, maybe this would be best put to use in a fake screen? (But damn if I feel like high-res background art)




Requests for my next attempt at spriting?



Sol GOODguy lol wtf? :lol:

anywho i like the sprite but its doubtful a character so happy and from sega no less would be in this game.


Well, Sammy is buying Sega, (and the merger will be final in october…long before Sammy vs Capcom will be out) so why wouldn’t Sammy take the opportunity to use Sega characters?


very nice… but if sammy was gonan do a ulala sprite i think it would be more detailed and over the top


her right breast seems to be missing.