Sammy vs "conceptual" art


I remember seeing someone on this board do a Sammy vs. Capcom pic of Lord Raptor and Axl Low. Then the Idea of Vampire Saviour vs. Gulity Gear characters fumbled around in my head and then I remembered Dimitri’s Midnight Bliss Attack, which is super interesting, and I decided to try it out on some Guilty Gear guys ^^;

Aaaah, it would be very fun to see that attack performed on as many characters possible!
I hope the game turns out to be as awesome as it looks in my head~

So yeah.
I actually think they could be pretty alright staying as girls…well. maybe not Johnny. He would play with his new boobies all day and the Mayship would go to ruins. I made Girl Johnny(Jenny?) look way too happy here ^^

Bwah Dimitris so cool! Ive never drawn him before either, so Im happy his part of the picture turned out okay enough!





Pantless Sol!




Ah, hell yeah.

Great, great, great, great job. I love the neat little touches you have. The tummy chain resembling Axl’s weaponary, pantless female Sol (free indeed!), and well Johnny’s just uber-babe material.



The little things in this peice is what is so awesome about it imo. :lol:


haha nice one, sweet coloring.
Watch out everyone Dimitri got his freak smile on again!


NOSEBLEADS damn nice work its so…inspireing in a way.


<3’s you…:smiley:


Johnny will always be beautiful.


Awsome artwork!! I love the attention to detail!:smiley:


Nice! Really captures what they would look like as girls.


WHOA! Is it Okay to drool over Axl? Great Job, man!


Nice picture, and who knows, after the whole “earthquake” deal, Johnny might be pimpin’ it with tits after all :stuck_out_tongue:



If you are into the transexual shit its ok for them to stay that way.


Hey check my Sammy vs capcom out, well i didn’t it i just touched it a bit to see what it would look like if they did meet up…:smiley: