Sammy vs Capcom

make this game dammit!

ill artwork. is that official work or made by some random person?

erm, I don’t think that’s official.

Ken, standing behind Ryu, is twice his fucking size. WTF?


so, i-no is like 10x bigger than johnny

Yeah, but I-No’s in front of Johnny, so you could claim it’s a perspective thing (closer objects appear larger).

But Ryu is closer then ken, but like half his size. Dat’s fukked up. werd.


Lol, i doubt it’s even in perspective, just a drawing of characters Psycho would wanna put in the game. Never the less it’s still a kick ass drawing…perspective or abstract positioning…doesn’t matter to me.

Nice drawing psychosquall…Yeah i’d wish they’d make it too

jam is in front of i-no, and jam is about as big as i-no’s hat


I didn’t draw the pic, otherwise I would have posted it in the Fanart Section.

The varying scale sizes of the characters is nothing new for fighting game groupshot artwork, as it’s quite common to see characters much bigger in the background in official fighting game art. But in this particular illustration, the altered character size perspective isn’t as well utilized. The smaller characters should have been more smaller, and the bigger characters larger, to make the effect more obvious.

Hey since Sega and Sammy are one company now, they should use Sega characters too, I choose Daytona Hornet/CapCom/Millia. :karate:

That’s funny…I don’t see Millia. ;_;

P, you let me down.

Where is the fake screens dammit!

You can do another MvC3…I know you can!

I love you.

…I mean…run run run run, door slam, car start, tire skreetch

i wanna see potemkin v.s. zangief… god thats sexy

I’d like to know how they’d balance it, would they boost Capcom or nerf Sammy? 'Cause seriously, FRC, RC, instant block, faultless defense, air dashes vs… jump?

Hahaha, Johnny is so fugly.

They would give all those things to the Capcom characters too.