Samsung HDTV: Game Mode vs. PC Mode for input lag?

So I just got a new Samsung UN48J5000 TV for Christmas to replace my old Panasonic that died, and it’s a pretty nice TV aside from the input lag. Apparently, switching this TV to Game mode doesn’t actually cut down the response time of 39ms; it just alters the image. This is weird to me, because apparently only Samsung does this with their TVs. I know there’s the old trick where if you name your HDMI input to "PC’, you’ll end up with a PC mode that has a little less input lag, but I have no idea how much because I can’t find anything about this particular model of TV anywhere online. Not even any of the input lag databases that I’ve tried have information on it, which really sucks. I found that 39ms statistic from a review on the TV claiming that it’s great for gaming (BS because that’s around a frame of lag). Does anyone else own this TV or one similar to it? Were you able to reduce the lag even further outside of changing the input to PC mode? I really don’t want to have to move my PS4 over to my computer monitor or even buy a new TV just to play fighting games on it.

Try it then try it with the forced PC mode trick and see if you notice a difference(I’ve heard that doesn’t always work with all TV’s so 39ms might be the lowest your TV can do.), 39ms is a little over 2 frames of input lag, but not everyone notices even that much lag.

I’ve noticed a sizable reduction in lag once I switched from Game Mode to PC mode. It feels a lot closer to when I play on PC now. I know that’s not scientific, but PC mode definitely feels better than Game. I have a 44" Samsung tv from maybe 2 years ago, but I’m not sure the model number.

I have a Samsung as well and I find the PC mode has less lag and looks much better than Game mode

Idk, even with less lag on PC mode, playing fighters is still a huge pain in the ass. Airdashing in Guilty Gear still feels really sluggish. Really sucks that this TV lags the way it does, but I guess I’ll just have to play on my PC monitor instead.

Most manufacturers, when they design their HDTVs, gaming is an afterthought or they just don’t get gaming at all.
Rule of thumb is the better the display is for movie watching the worst it be for actual gaming.

Now this is not always true, a few manufacturers have started to wise up. Hence I advise people before buying a new display to check out sites like before hand.

Yeah, my last TV was a Panasonic and it was a hell of a lot better than this one. And like I said, I couldn’t find a single thing about this TV on DisplayLag. It’s a good enough TV for playing pretty much anything else on, but fighters seem to be a no-go unless they can fix it with a firmware update.

LOL, most Panasonic TVs (in PC mode) are in the 34 ms to 40+ range, on par with most Samsung TVs in PC mode.

You lag babies, lol. I always crack up when I read about this stuff.

I guess it’s probably just me, then. To be fair, I’ve been playing on a computer monitor for a while, so it’s probably just me readjusting to a TV again. It’s really not a huge deal to me, I was just curious.

Yeah, that happens. Actually, my TV is in the 3 frames of lag range, so when I go from CRT to my TV I notice the difference a little bit. It’s not noticeable for button presses, but jumps are ever so slightly delayed. After about 5 minutes I adjust and the game feels fine.

Also, FWIW, a display with 24 ms to render a scene is actually less than 1 frame of lag. All displays have to take a bare minimum of 16.7 ms to render a frame at an update of 60 hz. Anything above that is the lag. When you see a TV listed as 34 ms on something like at, that’s actually only a single frame of lag. That isn’t bad at all, meaning it’s only 1 frame of lag vs a CRT, so it won’t be noticeable during a gaming session. 40+ range seems like a lot, but it’s only 2 frames of lag.

If I come off irritable in these lag threads it’s because I see this stuff all the time from people who don’t understand how these things work. People passing up perfectly good products because they’re terrified they’ll lose online games. First of all, the online component is far worse, and second, people need to self reflect before blaming the hardware. They probably lost because they need to improve, but when you can point at 8 ms of lag as the culprit then they’re simply a victim, not an actual loser, and as many people know, today people love being victims and taking part in victim culture.


People do the same thing with wireless devices. I think the wireless 360 controller has like 4ms of lag, and people think that makes it unusable.

I will say that I prefer the responsive feel of playing on a CRT over my LCD TV. I could get used to the lag, but I could also get used to gaming at 30fps again. Doesn’t mean I want to.


I don’t know how you do that. I can get used to a little input lag, but I can’t get used to gaming at 30 fps!!

Growing up with consoles helps. I didn’t think about things like framerate while playing PS1 and N64, even though those games were a slide show at times.

try a different HDMI port, my samsung TV and some others have an HDMI PC port that has less lag, its still has a bit lag but its not as bad as the other HDMI ports and then put that on PC. oh on my TV its HDMI 2

I don’t think that even a thing.

That is in fact a thing on certain models of Samsung TVs. You can set one of the hdmi ports to pc mode and it will cut out all of the video post processing that creates extra lag. My 2011 Samsung 50 inch plasma has 16ms lag when pc mode is enabled, and 38ms in regular mode.

And what model would that be?

It’s not the ports, it’s the renaming of the HDMI port to PC. I’m done with these fucking lag threads. @Darksakul if you see me post in one, publicly shame me for it.

How can lag be real if our eyes aren’t real?