Samurai and 2

Well heres page two. Lemme know what you think :slight_smile:

I’ve included a link to page 1 as well.

Hey I like this one. Lots of panels for a page, but that’s cool in my book. Good action. Overall 4 and a half out of 5 stars. Goos stuff and is there a page 3?

OMG that rawks.

wow, i like that alot…

I’m liking your colours more and more… really good stuff :slight_smile:

fuck yeah more more more!!

i dont really like the drawing or the coloring and the guys a bit generic but the story flows pretty well. i do think the very last panel for the big guy loses a certain amount of his scale. he looks alot smaller in that panel.

very nice. i’m liking this page a lot. love how the ogre looks in the 7th panel. very sweet.

I love the coloring… its sick… can you post the whole thing? :smiley:

sweet, the last panel isn’t of the ogre (big guy) though. It’s the guy who called for the ogre, read the first page.

I like the coloring style.:slight_smile:
A lot of panel in one page and yet not confusing.

What did you use to color that?