Samurai and Ghost

Here is the first page of my attempt at a comic :o
I have three more pages planed and might do more if people like it enough.

Yeah I know it has nothing to do with Fighters, but from what I’ve seen on these boards that doesn’t really matter much :stuck_out_tongue:

Any crits would be helpful (sweet & SFMC I’m looking in your direction :lol: )

it looks pretty good to me. i can’t really tell what’s going on near the end tho. the ;ast panel is particularly unclear.

the main idea of comicbooks is storytelling. each panel should serve as information for the reader, there shouldn’t be any panels that don’t advance the story, unless it’s just like a fight scene, etc.

other than that i like it. the drawing’s good and the perspective of the backgrounds are done really well. the first and third panels are great. nice use of space. i like the character designs a lot too. keep it up.

yeah I guess the last few panels need a bit of an explanation considering the next page isn’t up yet :sweat:

Basically the ghost calls out a big ass ogre (O-GAA) and there is a pause before O-GAA busts through the forest for battle. The last panel is the rustling of the trees (the pause) before the ogre apears. Now that you mention it though the trees are pretty wack looking o_O :lol:

thanks for the input :slight_smile:

coloring is good. your character looks pretty weak tho.

Do you mean the drawings are weak, or the character looks physicaly weak?:wtf:
hmmm… wich ever one, I’ll have to check that for page 2 :sweat:

the character design.

good stuff retro. keep it coming.

shit i think thats really cool and samurai and ghost could be an awsome duo :] keep it up make a full comic. Its a little confusing on one of the pannels on whats going on but make episode 1!~!!

All your opinion. I dont think its weak at all, which is also my opinion.

Hey retro this is nice. I really like it. Captured the mood and everything. I don’t think the character design is weak at all since it is just some samarai(or whatever he is), I don’t think he should be geared up that much. Yeah the last panel I couldn’t tell if it was trees, but overall very nice job and looking forward to seeing the second page. Peace.

Man, I really botched that last panel huh :sweat: :lol:

Anyway, thanks for the feedback people. If it weren’t for school, I’d probably be done by now :bluu: oh well shrug

Will probably be done with all of it this weekend… I hope o_o

very nice Retro… great colours, and I love how the characters speak in near-hieroglyphs. loads of atmosphere makes me want to find out more.

not too sure what was going on in the last pic (I didn’t manage to equate “O-GAA” with “ogre” until you pointed it out). I notice you’re using Comic Sans as a comic book-like font? Try WildWords, it looks cooler imho.

other nitpick is that you’ve used an upside-down “Y” to define his pecs in the first panel… this can be construed as breasts. May I suggest a using a “+” instead?

this is awesome stuff… I’m definitely excited to see where this goes from here. post them up once you’re done! :slight_smile:

we want more samurai vs ghost!!!


:confused: wow, I havn’t had that screen name in a looooong time…
Man, I don’t even know how people keep remembering that :eek:

anyway…sup TG:p

@L1qu1d, page 2 is up :smiley:

haha wasnt expecting that nice work keep it up!!! samurai looks fucked lol

Im diggin the art man, its tight stuff. You got the towering baloth on the second page, good shit.