Samurai Champloo Av Request

I’m just looking for anyone that can create me an avatar of Fuu and her hair swaying in the breeze at the end of the credits. I’d like the speed to be kept the same if possible and “S.a.g.a” located anywhere in any font and color that you’d think would compliment it.

I’d also prefer to background to be left unaltered if possible. It’s perfect the way it is. I’ll offer any assistance I can to make this happen.

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for making me a sad panda. :sad:

I’ll do it.


This is the best I could do to make it fit into a normal size av.

Wow. It’s so small.

How about just scrapping the text then? Can’t slow down the animation a bit either I take it?

Here’s a better one. I dunno how this even fit lol.

The size and animation is wonderful. It’s exactly the way I want it… I’d just like it blank without text and then I’ll leave you alone, seriously.

Sorry about all the trouble. I know you really don’t have to be doing this.